Wes Streeting Parents

Wes Streeting parents were still teenagers when he was born. Streeting revealed his upbringing, poverty, crime, and abuse in his book, One Boy, Two Bills and Fry-Up.

Wes Streeting is an English Labor Party politician who has been serving as MP of Ilford North since 2015 and the shadow cabinet member for health and social care since 2021.

The former Shadow Secretary of State for Child Poverty has been involved in teh political world for a long time. Let’s explore his parents and upbringing below.

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Wes Streeting Parents: Father Mark And Mother Corrina Anne Crowley

Wesley Paul William Streeting, shortly known as Wes Streeting, was born on 21 January 1983 in Stepney, London, England.

He was welcomed by his father, Mark and mother, Corrina Anne Crowley. Wes Streeting’s parents were still in their teens when they entered into parenthood.

Wes Streeting Parents
Young Wes Streeting with his father, Mark, and mother, Corrina Anne Clark. (Image Source: Mirror)

Corrina Anne Crowley had turned only 18 when she realized she was pregnant with Wes Streeting. And Mark was only 17 years old when he learned he was becoming a father.

In his book, Wes described his young mother as a stunning girl with short blonde-curly hair and a huge smile that would light up the room.

Likewise, he described his father, Mark, as a six-foot tall man with dark brown hair swept to one side, rose-red cheeks and blue eyes.

Although she was young, Wes’s mother decided to give birth to him. However, his father gave her an ultimatum, saying their relationship would end if she didn’t get rid of the child.

Despite it all, the politician’s mother chose to keep him. Wes said, “But Dad was there for me in the hospital and has been there since then.”

Wes Streeting Lived With His Stepfather In A Council Flat

The Labor MP for Ilford North’s parents’ relationship couldn’t last long. When the politician was only two years old, his mother began seeing another guy named Lenny. His mother eventually got married to the guy.

Wes described his stepfather as a guy who looked nice. But he added Lenny’s appearances were deceptive. Beneath the charming face, he was violent and controlling.

Wes Streeting lived in a council flat with his mother and abusive stepfather. His stepfather brutally abused his mother. But Corrina Anne never let her husband, Lenny, hurt Wesley.

Even so, she felt the threat of harm and send Wes to his father and grandfather temporarily.

In his book, the politician revealed that his stepfather dangled his mother’s sister and his aunt, Eve, over the balcony and threatened to drop her off.

Wes Streeting Parents
Wes Streeting’s stepfather, Lenny, brutally abused his mother. (Image Source: Twitter)

Moreover, the politician’s stepfather once abducted his mom and captivated her for 24 hours.

Fortunately, Wes Streeting’s stepfather, Lenny, was brought justice.

According to the politician, Lenny received a custodial sentence, ending the dark chapter of his mother’s life. His mom later married another guy and had five more kids. 

The name of Streeting’s maternal and paternal grandfather was Bill. His granddads have a significant influence on his life.

His maternal grandfather was well-read and well-informed. He made Wesley involved in lively discussions about religion and politics.

Similarly, his paternal grandfather served in the merchant and Royal Navy During World War II and later became a civil engineer.

He credits his family, especially his two grandfathers, for their love and support and Labour policies for giving him opportunities.

He says he wants to give back to society and improve the lives of others like him.

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