Bob Brown Arrest

Former Greens Leader Bob Brown was arrested Monday over a protest at the contentious Lapoinya logging site in Tasmania.

Brown is an Australian environmentalist, medical doctor, and former politician; he has been involved in protests against Lapoinya logging for the past two years. 

A member of the Parliament of Australia and the first openly gay Leader of an Australian political Party has also published a book related to the environment.

He is an environmentalist; Wild Rivers (1983), Lake Pedder (1986), Tarkine Trails (1994), and The Greens (1996) are some of his books. 

What Did Bob Brown Do?

Greens founder Bob Brown was arrested on Monday, just days after he blasted Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek for giving him the cold shoulder.

He was in a protest against logging in Tasmania’s highlands. The arrest information came to the public from his foundation. 

He spent the night in jail and came out and shared the experience himself; he was charged with violating the rule of nature.

Brown has been fighting for the environment since 2012 and doing it for good. But he has been arrested for many reasons till now. 

Protest from Bob Brown Foundation.
Protest from Bob Brown Foundation. (Source:

He has been going against the government because the government is licensing the destruction of the big trees, which are needed for nesting.

He has been working in the protest to save the environment and wild lives struggling because of the thin forest area.

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Co-Founder Of The Greens Bob Brown Arrest And Charges

Bob Brown is the co-founder of The Greens group; he was arrested on Monday for upholding the laws of nature and the international Biodiversity Convention and was charged on summons with trespass.

He was arrested twice in December 2020 during the protest; he has been involved in the group for a long time and has not backed off because of any arrest. 

His arrest was just days after he asked the country’s environment minister to give him the cold shoulder after they met at the same restaurant. 

People have questioned the Environment Minister, but he has not come out publicly. 

Police also arrested the two protesters tied to machinery, they bound themselves to machinery, and one staged a tree-sit, the Bob Brown Foundation said.

Tweet regarding Bob arrest shared by Bob Foundation.
Tweet regarding Bob’s arrest shared by Bob Brown Foundation. (Source: Twitter)

He has not come out yet; Brown spent the night under the Police guidelines. So, more information about his arrest is yet to come out. 

The charges regarding the incident have also been out from the public; more investigation is happening. 

The arrest was announced on Twitter by the Bob Foundation; many people were shocked by the news.

After his release, he said, “I didn’t go to be arrested, but when I saw the destruction, I had to take a stand,” 

He was charged with going in a direction to leave a business access area and has been banned from going back to the Lapoinya logging area, which is a bail condition. 

Now he has been banned from going back; the government has urged environment minister Greg Hunt to protect Lapoinya’s rare and endangered wildlife in the area.

Additionally, Brown was asked to leave the place first, but he refused to leave and continued with his protest. 

Then, the Police has to arrest him for not following the rule. He will probably follow the law now. 

So, he was released after spending one night; he was not charged anything. 

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