Taylor Lautner Say About Taylor Swift

People are searching for what Taylor Lautner Say About Taylor Swift as the couple’s romance began in the fall of 2009 and ended in December of that year.

Taylor Daniel Lautner is an Actor from the United States. In the Twilight Saga film series, he is best known for playing the shape-shifting character Jacob Black.

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Lautner started his career as a child Actor, appearing in several television commercials and guest-starring in TV shows such as “Summerland” and “The Bernie Mac Show.” 

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He rose to prominence after playing Jacob Black in the blockbuster film “Twilight” (2008), based on Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling novel. In the sequels “New Moon” (2009), “Eclipse” (2010), “Breaking Dawn – Part 1” (2011), and “Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” he reprised his role (2012).

What Did Taylor Lautner Say About Taylor Swift? Scandal Explained

Taylor Lautner recently upset his wife, Taylor Dome, and Taylor Swift fans.

The couple co-hosts a podcast called The Squeeze, and in a video posted on TikTok yesterday, Feb. 1, Dome asked Lautner what one moment in his life he would go back to and what he would say to himself, and his response stunned us all.

Taylor Lautner Say About Taylor Swift
Taylor Lautner And Taylor Swift About Her Award (source: Popcrush)

“Probably the 2009 VMAs, when I gave Taylor the award and was blind to the Kanye situation, wasn’t a skit,” he said, prompting Dome to recoil, laughing in shock as she slumped into the seating behind her, eventually leaning back to say, “I’m deceased,” into the mic.

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He’s referring to one of the more infamous incidents in modern pop history, when Kanye West stormed the stage during Swift’s acceptance speech for The MTV Video Music Awards, named BeyoncĂ©’s video “one of the best videos of all time” and awarded it Best Female Video.

Lautner went on to say that at the time, just after the couple went public, he thought it was a scripted skit.

He was only a few feet behind Swift, but he couldn’t hear what was being said on stage and couldn’t see their faces. “I can hardly make it out. “I can’t see them,” he said.

He added, “And if you look back, you’ll notice that I’m laughing and giggling at him. “This is probably really funny right now, but I can’t hear them.”

Did Taylor Swift Dated Taylor Lautner? Relationship Explored

Taylor Swift’s music and Taylor Lautner’s role in the “Twilight” films were both popular in 2009.

So, when it was revealed, the two worlds collided when it became known that the singer and the Actor were dating, creating a lot of buzz about their relationship.

They got to know each other while acting as young love interests on the set of “Valentine’s Day” (via Page Six). They quickly earned the moniker “Taylor Squared” and were frequently spotted together during their brief courtship.

Taylor Lautner Say About Taylor Swift
Taylor Lautner And Taylor Swift (source: Nickiswift)

Us Weekly claims that the couple’s relationship started in the fall of 2009 and ended in December that year. “He was more interested in her than she was in him. 

He traveled everywhere to see her, but she didn’t travel far to see him. They decided that they would be better off as friends. “At the time, a source told the public.

Swift, for her part, appeared to be disappointed with how things ended with Lautner, and she included On her album “Speak Now,” she has a song titled “Back to December” that is about their relationship.

Swift spoke about the song in 2010, revealing that it differed significantly from her previous ballads. “I’ve never felt the need to apologize to anyone until now. It’s only necessary, “She agreed.

Both Swift and Lautner have moved past their high-profile, young romance. According to Cosmopolitan, Swift has been dating Actor Joe Alwyn since May 2017. 

One of the secrets to the couple’s success may be their effort to keep the specifics of their relationship out of the public eye.

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