What Happened To Alan Jackson Daughter Mattie Jackson Selecman

What Happened To Alan Jackson Daughter Mattie Jackson Selecman? People are curious about the singer’s daughter as she lost her husband in 2018. 

Alan Jackson has three daughters, the eldest of whom, Mattie, was born as excellent good news just a few months after Alan released his highly successful hit debut album Here in the Real World.

This year, Mattie, born on June 19, 1990, has just turned 33. She reportedly attended Franklin Road Academy before attending the University of Tennessee to study creative writing.

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She obtained her certification as a sommelier after spending time learning the trade at the Joseph Phelps Vineyard in Napa Valley and Greece. Mattie asserted in a Food & Wine interview that being a native of Nashville made her unique because nobody else was from that city.

What Happened To Alan Jackson Daughter Mattie Jackson Selecman? 

On a beautifully begun day, Mattie Jackson Selecman lost her husband, Ben.

The Labor Day holiday celebrations started on her famous father, Alan Jackson’s boat, as family and friends gathered to enjoy the Florida sunshine. As they basked in the joy of their first year of marriage, Mattie and Ben Selecman were also celebrating.

Selecman, 31, tells PEOPLE about her late husband Ben, whom she met while the two were both students at the University of Tennessee, “We were still in the honeymoon part of our life.” “Of all the people I’ve ever known, Ben had one of the biggest personalities. He made friends with everyone and was happy and upbeat.”

Mattie Jackson Selecman
Marrie Jackson Selecman With Her Late Husband During Their Wedding (Source: Instagram)

When Ben was celebrating that fateful day in late summer of 2018, Mattie couldn’t keep her eyes off him until the unimaginable occurred.

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Regarding Ben’s fall, Mattie recalls that “he just slipped.” “He fell back and struck his head since the pier was damp. Although it was a lengthy fall, it was one of those situations where you could almost compare it to seeing someone play high school football in terms of how they recovered. They begin to stand back up while still conscious and may have a minor head injury.”

But it soon became apparent that this might be more serious than a simple concussion.

However, things got much worse from that point on. Surgeries and an 11-day medically induced coma were performed to stop what was happening.

But all was not hopeless. The choice was made to begin rousing Ben up with the help of medical professionals and family members.

But after a short while, it wasn’t. Ben experienced many strokes and significant brain damage due to a blood clot that had fragmented inside his head.

On Sept. 12, 2018, Ben Selecman passed away. Additionally, Mattie Jackson Selecman became a widow at the age of 28.

Where Is Mattie Jackson Selecman Now? Husband And Kids Explored 

After losing her first husband in a horrific accident four years ago, Mattie Jackson Selecman, the daughter of country music icon Alan Jackson, has found love once more.

Mattie, 33, who she first met in late 2021 through a close friend, revealed her engagement to Connor Smith on Sunday.

She captioned an Instagram photo of her ring with, “Feeling extremely thankful, delighted, and thrilled for this kind-of-surprise but so-fervently-prayed-for ENGAGEMENT.” “Connor Smith, I adore your joyful disposition, caring heart, and contagious zest for life. I’m very excited to marry you and start a family with you! You are the greatest gift wrapped up in the cutest possible form. I love you, baby.”

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Smith and Mattie, whom Jackson shares with his wife Denise, got engaged while visiting Palm Beach, Florida, to honor Smith’s 30th birthday.

The good news comes four years after Mattie’s husband, Ben Selecman, passed away in September 2018 from a head injury sustained when he slipped on a boat dock.

Mattie Jackson Selecman
Mattie Jackson Selecman With Her Current Husband (Source: Instagram)

The 28-year-old Assistant District Attorney for Tennessee’s Davidson County suffered severe brain damage in the collision, and he later passed away following multiple operations and an 11-day medically induced coma.

In April, Mattie made her initial relationship announcement with Smith, claiming they had been connected at a happy hour six months previously.

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