Deion Sanders Sr

According to The Associated Press, Deion Sanders Sr had two toes on his left foot amputated due to blood clots from previous surgery.

Deion Sanders Sr is an American football coach and former player who was the head football coach at Jackson State, and he started his coaching career in 2012. 

He began playing football in 1989, prior to beginning his coaching career. He also played baseball, and it was his part-time career. Kansas City Royals drafted him in the sixth round of the 1985 draft.

Deion stayed as a high school coach from 2012 to 2020; on September 2020, he became the 21st head coach of the Jackson State Tigers.

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What Happened To Deion Sanders Sr Leg? Death Hoax

Deion Sanders had surgery last fall to remove the toes and missed three games because he was hospitalized.

The details of his surgery weren’t made public at the same time, but when he had two toes on his left foot amputated due to blood clots, the news of his previous surgery was also revealed. 

Deion Sanders Sr Leg
After developing life-threatening blood clots from a prior surgery, the Jackson State University head football coach and NFL Hall of Famer had two toes removed. (Source:

After a medical procedure in September, he returned to the field for practice to heal from his surgery. Still, his toes began to darken under the bandages during the healing process. In October, he found three blood clots in his lower leg.

Then, he had several surgeries, developed a femoral arterial blood clot, and had compartment syndrome that caused swelling in his leg, as per the report.

After, he had to open his leg to drain the fluid and later amputate the big toe and second toe.

During all this process, he once shared a reel on his Twitter account that promoted “Coach Prime,” noting that he “lost a couple of soldiers in the battle.” He stayed very strong during the process. 

He returned after missing three games, so he was not seen for a long time, and people started his death hoax. But nothing led him to death, it was surgery, and he was hospitalized for 28 days.

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Deion Sanders Sr Medical Condition And Health Update

Deion had multiple different surgeries to play and coach. As always, he had a hard time during his surgery. But he was back on the field after missing three games, which means he has been doing great after the surgery.

During his surgeries, he mentioned that when he was back from the hospital, Deion lost 40 pounds which was difficult at first, but again gained 50 more pounds, which means he is fit and during well with his games. 

He appeared in a wheelchair in Tigers in a game against rival Southern where his son Shedeur threw the game-winning touchdown pass.

At first, he was comfortable being around his team in a wheelchair, and after a certain time, he was seen in his legs. It was the happiest moment for the Tigers team. 

Deion back in wheelchair after his surgeries
Deion was in a wheelchair after his surgeries. Image Source: APNews

Overall, Deion is doing good with his health and legs. It was a normal surgery to look, but it was hard for him to stay back and miss the game. 

Deion struggles with his health during the surgeries on his knee, but now he is back in the field and doing well with his health. Also, he often updated his fans’ health on his Instagram or Twitter account. 

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