What Happened To Jayshree Parasuramen

What Happened To Jayshree Parasuramen? There have been a sudden surge in searching about her, as her accident news has come to the light.

Jayshree Parasuramen is an accomplished figure with a strong presence in the entertainment industry.

During her high school years, Jayshree’s involvement in the entertainment world expanded. Her talents gained global recognition at that time.

Notably, she participated in professional productions connected to the University of Durban Westville and Volkswagen Music Active. 

In 2016, Parasuramen embarked on a new phase of her career by joining East Coast Radio (ECR).

Here, she stepped into the role of a late-night show host, showcasing her versatility.

Her talents and charisma propelled her to the breakfast team in 2017, and she continued to rise, being promoted to head of traffic.

Additionally, she carved out her own space in the radio world by hosting a Saturday morning show from 2 am to 6 am.

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ECR: What Happened To Jayshree Parasuramen?

Nothing has happened to Jayshree Parasuramen. Despite the fact that her name has been correlated with accident or health issues, she is in sound state.

Nevertheless, Jayshree, the East Coast Radio’s popular radio personality, is facing a substantial hit to her reputation after an abrupt cancellation of her car show.

The incident unfolded in a series of events that have stirred disappointment and legal actions within the car community.

What Happened To Jayshree Parasuramen
Jayshree Parasuramen’s car show has abruptly been canceled (Source: East Coast Radio)

The anticipation for the Durban Annual Motor Expo (DAME) had been building through social media, car enthusiast groups, and Parasuramen herself.

Promising a unique blend of women’s empowerment and cars at the Durban ICC, the event was poised to shine in car enthusiasts’ calendars, building on past successes.

However, just a day before the event’s scheduled start, her sudden cancellation caught vendors, exhibitors, petrol heads, contributors, and sponsors off guard.

A statement released on Jayshree’s Facebook page, addressed to her 43,000 followers, shed light on her perspective.

Parasuramen stated that she had founded DAME with the intention of uplifting struggling businesses and inspiring the KwaZulu-Natal community.

Importantly, she emphasized that the event was not associated with East Coast Radio.

Regrettably, Parasuramen revealed the cancellation was prompted by a lack of funding, a challenging decision that left her personally gutted.

She further explained that despite facing pressure, she chose not to compromise her integrity by accepting money from a potentially unethical sponsor.

Jayshree Parasuramen: Her Accident And Health In 2023

Jayshree Parasuramen has not met any accident and her health is fine. The media person has not been reported of any illness in 2023.

Jayshree’s journey into the spotlight began at a young age of 5, reflecting her early inclination towards the limelight.

Before ECR, a pivotal moment in her career was after she met the renowned artist Dr. Ronnie Govender, a recognition that would significantly shape her trajectory.

This collaboration resulted in significant theater contributions, including acting, production, scripting, and overseeing entire productions by Jayshree.

What Happened To Jayshree Parasuramen
Jayshree Parasuramen, aka the queen of traffic, has not met any accident and is in good health (Source: jzee)

Her journey continued with a transition to Durban’s Playhouse Theatre Company, where she took on pivotal roles as a resident actress, head writer, and dramaturge.

Among her impressive achievements was the resounding success of the play “My Body and I,” which enjoyed a sold-out KZN Provincial tour.

She further established herself as a playwright with numerous works to her name, with pieces like “Chatsworth” embarking on national tours.

Her influence extended to significant productions, including the renowned “Sound of Music.”

Notably, Jayshree’s excellence in radio was recognized through nominations for the esteemed National Liberty Radio Awards.

Consecutive nominations for two years underscored her achievements as a Best Traffic Reporter, highlighting Jayshree’s impactful contributions to the radio industry.

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