What Happened To Kevon Looney

What Happened to Kevon Looney: People are showing a keen interest in Kevon Looney’s health and want to know what happened to him. 

Kevon Looney is an American prolific professional basketball player who currently plays in the National Basketball Association (NBA) with the Golden State Warriors. 

Looney is a power forward and center who was drafted by the Warriors in the 2015 NBA draft. He has played for the team ever since and has been a key contributor to their success, particularly in the playoffs. 

He initially struggled with injuries during his rookie season and played limited minutes, but gradually established himself as a reliable bench player and occasional starter in subsequent seasons.

Looney has been a key contributor to the Warriors’ success, particularly in their championship runs in 2017 and 2018. The athlete is known for his rebounding and defensive skills and his ability to finish around the rim on offense.

When it comes to defense, Kevon Looney is renowned for his skill at shifting onto guards and stopping pick-and-rolls. Now, via this article, let’s get to learn more about Kevon Looney’s illness and health updates in recent days.

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What Happened To Kevon Looney?

On May 4th, 2023, Kevon Looney was unexpectedly left out of the initial lineup for the Golden State Warriors matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers. Golden State’s choice was unexpected, considering how heavily they were counting on Looney to anchor their frontcourt.

But as it turns out, the Warriors had a very good reason for removing Looney from the starting lineup. The Dubs center, Kevon, is currently battling an unidentified illness, according to Marc Stein, an NBA insider, and he will play throughout it on Thursday.

What Happened To Kevon Looney
Kevon Looney missed out on his match because of some undisclosed illness. (Source: Instagram)

The positive aspect for the Warriors is that Kevon is still healthy enough to participate in Game 2 despite his illness. He obviously won’t be at 100 percent, unfortunately. To be fair, the athlete appeared to be in good shape when he arrived at the beginning of the initial quarter.

Warriors supporters are praying that nothing major is happening here. Looney being off work due to this issue is the last thing they want right now. He’s been a total beast on the court, competing with Anthony Davis of the Lakers.

It goes without saying that without Kevon in the mix, the Dubs will find it even more challenging to try to control Anthony Davis.

Moreover, Kevon Looney was handed over in favor of JaMychal Green, who scored six points in Game 1 and eight minutes of action. Instead of attempting to overcome LA’s size benefit, coach Steve Kerr might be attempting to use his small-ball team against the Lakers.

Kevon Looney Illness And Health Update 2023

As stated earlier, Kevon Looney was recently diagnosed with some undisclosed illness which also hampered his performance on the court last night. 

Although he has been excepted to play in recent days, Kevon is still unaware of his health. It seems that we will have to wait for a little more to get more details regarding Kevon Looney’s illness, as he has remained mum regarding his health issues.

Moreover, Kevon has had a history of injuries throughout his career, and his health is something that the Golden State Warriors and their fans keep a close eye on.

What Happened To Kevon Looney
The athlete is in a happy relationship with his girlfriend, Mariah Simone. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, injuries have been a recurring issue for Looney throughout his career. He has missed time due to hip, hamstring, and chest injuries, among others.

Despite these setbacks, Looney remained a valuable contributor for the Warriors, providing solid defense and rebounding off the bench.

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