What Happened To Lovie Smith

Football fans are wondering what happened to Lovie Smith after he was fired.

After one season as the team’s defensive coordinator, Smith was given the head coach position. He had a 92-100-1 record in his career, which included nine seasons with the Bears and two with Tampa Bay. The 2022 season was Smith’s 12th as a head coach.

After his firing, the Texans will have their fourth head coach in as many seasons. Coach Bill O’Brien was let go after losing the first four games of his seventh season in Houston in 2020, and Culley was brought in to replace him.

The Texans have fired a coach after just one season twice now. Dom Capers served as the team’s first head coach for four seasons before firing. Gary Kubiak took charge before being let go after eight seasons.

What Happened To Lovie Smith? 

Along with the biracial Mike McDaniel of Miami and the Black coaches Mike Tomlin of Pittsburgh, Todd Bowles of Tampa Bay, and the 64-year-old Smith, there were very few Black coaches in the NFL. 

Even though the league requires teams to interview at least one minority candidate for head coaching positions, the league has long struggled to accomplish its objective of increasing the proportion of Black coaches in a league where the vast majority of its players are Black.

Lovie Smith Fired.
Houston Texans thanked Lovie Smith on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

Despite having the worst record in the league for most of the season, the Texans have won two of their last three games, including a victory over the Colts on Sunday that cost them the top overall pick in the upcoming draft. Houston will pick second in the April draft after Chicago receives the first pick thanks to its 32-31 victory over Indianapolis.

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In a statement, Texans owner Cal McNair said he and Caserio had informed Smith of the change and thanked him for his contributions over the previous two seasons.

Why Did The Titans Fire Lovie Smith? 

After only one season, in which the Houston Texans went 3-13-1, Lovie Smith was fired as the team’s head coach on Sunday night.

The Texans have fired a coach after just one season for the past two years. David Culley was fired in January of last year after having a 4-13 season.

Lovie Smith Fired
Lovie Smith was fired by the Texans on Sunday night. (Source: nypost.com)

In a statement announcing Smith’s dismissal, general manager Nick Caserio said he was constantly assessing their football operation and thought that decision was the best one for them at the time.

He went on to say that it was his duty to create a thorough and competitive program that could achieve success over an extended period. They have yet to arrive, but with the resources at their disposal and the support of the (team owner) McNair family, he is optimistic about the future of their football program.

Lovie Smith Career Earnings And Contract Details Explored

Smith started coaching in 1980 and is currently the defensive coordinator at his alma mater Big Sandy High School. From 1981 to 1982, he served as Cascia Hall Prep’s assistant coach. 

From 1983 to 1986, Smith coached the linebackers at his other alma mater, Tulsa. He coached linebackers at Wisconsin, Arizona State, and Kentucky before moving on to Tennessee and Ohio to coach defensive backs.

The board approved Lovie Smith’s contract with the University of Illinois of trustees in 2016, and it paid him at least $21 million over six years.

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After Smith was hired in March, they approved his initial terms, which were backloaded to pay him $10 million in salary over his final two years. The final contract now transfers $2 million of that sum to his contract’s earlier years.

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