Murphy Afolabi

What Happened To Murphy Afolabi? Fans are piqued to learn more about Murphy Afolabi’s recent event after news of his death surfaced on social media.

Murphy Afolabi is a well-known Nigerian actor who is a native of Osogbo. On May 5, the actor with his friends, family, and admirers all celebrated his birthday. 

However, Murphy was just a week and two days into his 49th year when he was announced dead on May 14, 2023.

The future actor had enrolled at Ire Polytechnic after graduating from high school. His primary areas of study were theatrical art, public communication, and film production.

Young Murphy Afolabi made his acting debut in the movie “Ifa Olokun” with fellow actor Dagunro. Murphy was renowned for his portrayal of his role in the film.

Mafi Wonmi (2008), Bi a se b’eru (2007), Owo Wunmi (2010), Jimi Bendel (2016), The Ghost and The Tout (2018), Olokiki Oru (2019) and Blackout (2021) are just a few of the nearly 60 movies Murphy has acted in.

So, what happened to Murphy Afolabi? More details about the Nigerian actor are mentioned in the article below.

What Happened To Murphy Afolabi?

Netizens are eager to find out the answer to the question “What Happened To Murphy Afolabi?” and the actor’s cause of death, followed by the news of his passing.

The news of his death has shaken the Nigerian movie industry and has left his fans in disbelief, as the actor just celebrated his birthday the previous week, May 5.

As a result of the alleged passing of Murphy Afolabi, Nigeria’s film industry is once again in a grieving state.

The well-known Yoruba actor, 49, passed away in the early hours of this morning at his home.

On Sunday afternoon, veteran film producer and director Tunde Ola-Yusuf announced his departure on his Facebook page. “Rest peacefully. God provide strength to endure the loss to the family and close friends,” he added.

What Happened To Murphy Afolabi?
Murphy Afolabi’s demise was announced by veteran film director and producer, Tunde Ola-Yusuf. (Source: pmnewsnigeria)

It is quite unfortunate, as the actor had so much talent to uncover and was making his way toward becoming the face of the Nigerian film industry.

The performer’s departure will definitely be felt deeply as he will be fondly remembered for his substantial contributions to the Nigerian film industry.

Unfortunately, Faith had other plans, and the actor was pronounced dead in the media just 24 hours after the passing of Saint Obi.

The professional actor had received numerous nominations for City People Movie Awards during his acting career including those for Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Producer.

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Did The Nollywood Actor Murphy Afolabi Die In Car Accident?

No, Murphy Afolabi did not die in the car accident. According to reports, the Yoruba movie actor died after hitting his head on the restroom floor after tripping and falling.

Afolabi was one of the most well-known actors to come out of the Yoruba cinema industry. The actor was said to have collapsed on Sunday, May 14, 2023, in the toilet of his home in Ikorodu, Lagos.

On a WhatsApp forum used by filmmakers, a filmmaker and the head of the Yoruba movies director’s guild, Seun Olaiya, communicated the tragic news.

However, several Yoruba stars could be observed making remarks and expressing sympathy to the departed’s family.

Murphy Afolabi obituary
Murphy Afolabi has left the Nollywood community and fans in a state of grief and disbelief. (Source: SpyNigeria)

Murphy’s family and relatives are passing through difficult times after the sudden demise of the renowned actor. They might release a statement regarding the Nollywood actor’s obituary soon.

Murphy Afolabi started performing when he was a little child, well before his college years and graduation. His first filming experience was with Dagunro, who directed “Ifa Olokun.”

The Yoruba language actor loved to write screenplays and produce movies, in addition to living an adventurous life filled with fun, cheerful, and occasionally spooky moments.

Afolabi not only performed as an actor but also served as the CEO of “Fatuns Films Production.”

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