What Happened To Rocky Badd?

What happened to Rocky Badd? A long time ago, there was news that she was abducted, beaten, robbed, and locked in a dog cage, and rapper Cuban Doll was involved in this hate crime. Is it real?

Rocky Badd is a Detroit rapper who gained worldwide fame and popularity for hits such as ‘Gone,’ ‘What You Want,’ and ‘Make it Back.’

The rapper, now extremely popular amongst the young mass, initially started releasing music on SoundCloud in 2016.

Rocky has a fiery soul, a smile that lights up the room, and a youthful zeal that shows in the way she throws down on the microphone.

She posted her debut song to Soundcloud in 2016 and posted a lot of her music on YouTube before that. 

Rocky Badd has been releasing songs since, along with videos that have amassed tens of thousands of views.

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What Happened To Rocky Badd? Her Physical Altercation With Cuban Doll

A violent incident occurred in January 2018 between the Dallas rapper Cuban Doll, who was once a social media star, and the Detroit rapper, whose serious beef in the past led to an ugly crime.

The argument resulted in an incident that caused Capitol Music Group to fire Cuban Doll.

Rocky Badd asserts that she won in a 20-minute video that she uploaded. Then, Rocky B and Cuban Doll began releasing diss songs that were critical of one another.

During that time, Cuban Doll’s then-boyfriend and rapper Tadoe severely beat her, as noted by All Hip Hop. It happened in May 2018, and Rocky Badd didn’t waste her time making fun of it.

Sometime later, Doll took retaliation to the next level.

Cuban set up a fake event and invited Rocky B. They ‘walked her into an alley and kidnaped her, pistol whipped her & beat her,’ according to the Instagram post.

Rocky was also robbed, and her chain was taken. Sadly, Cuban had hired some men to do this to her in Cali.

What Happened To Rocky Badd?
Rocky going outdoors in 2021. (Source: Facebook)

Additionally, her manager, Lando Bando, was also with her, and he was severely attacked as well.

What’s worse is that the Detroit rapper was also put in a dog cage by some Cuban Doll associates who shot pictures that were shared on The Shade Room Teens’ account on Instagram.

After that, Capital Music Group agreed and released Cuban Doll from their label. Still, she doesn’t seem particularly unhappy, mentioning that the deal she signed was terrible and she was a ‘free agent.’

Is She Related To Stunna Girl?

Yes, Rocky Badd and Stunna Girl are related to each other as Stunna is also involved in Rocky’s kidnapping case. The two even have made diss tracks for each other.

Cuban Doll shared a good bond at that time with a Cali hoodrat/rapper/escort named Stunna. Many people believe that she was the mastermind behind the whole incident. 

What Happened To Rocky Badd?
Stunna Girl traveling in her luxury car. (Source: Facebook)

However, Cuban and Stunna are no longer friends as they have been involved in several fights. 

For instance, Stunna sneaked into her home and assaulted her while she slept before engaging in a second fight with her and robbing her of her necklace.

What Is Rocky Badd Doing Now? Her Personal Life Explored 

Undoubtedly, Rocky Badd faced many ups and downs in her life. From being abducted to almost killed, she has seen a lot.

However, Rocky is now healthy and pursuing her musical career happily. 

As she is now focused on her musical endeavors in 2023, we wish her the best for her projects. As fans wait for her new singles, they can’t keep calm. 

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