What Happened To Sammie Okposo

People are curious to know what happened to the singer Sammie Okposo after his ***** news spread like wildfire.

The singer reportedly slumped and passed away at his home on Friday morning. He recently made headlines due to a cheating scandal.

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A source in the entertainment business told SaharaReporters that the 51-year-old music producer slumped on Friday morning and passed away.

As the CEO of Zamar Entertainment, he worked with numerous gospel musicians.

Kevin Bond, a recipient of a Grammy Award, produced his most recent album, The Statement.

What Happened To Sammie Okposo? ***** Reason Revealed

According to several sources, Sammie Okposo, a well-known Nigerian gospel performer, passed away at 51 early on Friday.

The renowned gospel musician reportedly fell ill on Friday morning and passed away at an undisclosed hospital in Lagos. Hypertension was the cause of the singer’s *****. He was due to perform at a Christmas concert with other well-known Christian musicians before his tragic passing.

Sammie Okposo *****
Sammie Okposo dies at the age of 51 (Source: Twitter)

He recently made headlines due to a cheating scandal. When Okposo apologized to his wife Ozioma on his verified Instagram page for cheating on her in 2021, he ignited the internet.

The singer decided to take a break from ministry following the scandal to go back in his spiritual steps before rejoining it after a few months.

Sammie Okposo Escaped ***** Before

The veteran singer narrowly avoided ***** in a horrifying car accident in May this year while driving on Lagos’ 3rd Mainland Bridge. Still, Okposo claimed he was spared from the devil and his supporters.

Sammie described how he narrowly avoided dying while driving on the third mainland bridge. As he crossed Lagos’ third mainland bridge, he thanked God for sparing his life. He claimed that although he had initially intended to keep his testimony private, doing so was necessary to comprehend God’s greatness fully.

Sammie Okposo escaped *****
The propeller shaft of his car pulled off while he was driving (Source: gistreel.com)

On Saturday, May 16, 2020, the musician described his experience on Instagram. Okposo claims that his car’s propeller shaft came off while driving, but nothing terrible happened to him.

He admitted that he was traveling at a speed of 100 to 120 kph on the third mainland bridge that connects to CMS before continuing to his final destination of Surulere. 

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Sammie claimed that after hearing “SLOW DOWN,” he immediately reduced his speed to 60 km/h. Ten seconds after doing so, his car’s propeller shaft made a loud noise and pulled away.

Sammie Okposo Controversy: Did He Cheat On His Wife?

Okposo recently became embroiled in controversy when he acknowledged having an extramarital relationship.

On January 24, 2022, he posted an apology to his wife, Ozioma, on his Instagram page for cheating on her. This was in response to African Doll’s accusations that he had impregnated and abandoned her.

The gospel performer promised his audience that he would prioritize healing and ask for pardon. He decided to take a break from ministry following the scandal in order to go back in his spiritual steps before rejoining it after a few months.

Many believed that the singer’s marriage would end while the scandal persisted. But despite being far away in Cancun, Mexico, the couple’s relationship was growing stronger.

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The couple could be seen kissing passionately and posing for pictures at a beach scene that was predominantly white in a brief video that he posted on his Instagram page to put an end to the scandal. 

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