What Happened To Thami Nguben

Thami Ngubeni shared her recent incident, which almost took her life. What happened to Thami Ngubeni, a radio personality? 

South African Actress, writer, and radio personality Thami Ngubeni have owned much heart, and people have always loved her personality. 

She appeared as an Actress in a comedy show, Molo Fish and Generations, where people started noticing her acting.

With her acting, she has made many fans and followers. In 2006 she also published the book My Sacred Spaces; after that, she has not published any books. 

Currently, Ngubeni hosts Metro FM, her show, where she talks with celebrities about their life and recent work.

Fact Check: What Happened To Thami Ngubeni?

During the latest show on Metro FM with Siya Mhlongo, the hot, Thami shared her harrowing story about how she got kidnapped on Monday, 14 November 2022.

People following her Twitter might know the story when she posted the same day she was hijacked and kidnapped.

Tweet from Thami Ngubeni about her recent incident.
Tweet from Thami Ngubeni about her recent incident. (Image Source: Twitter)

She shared it in detail on yesterday’s show, where she mentioned that she was not hoping to be alive and share the news in front of everyone.

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She said it was a horrible experience; she never thought she would be kidnapped and hijacked that way.

After seeing the Tweet about the experience, many of her close friends shared news about her strength. 

Thami was even scared to publicly share the news about how she was kidnapped. Also, she never thought she would come home alive.

Everyone would have been scared to be kidnapped and hijacked by someone who could also take her life. 

Those people do not have feelings, so they could have done anything with her, but now she is here with us, fit and fine.

But mentally, she will never be able to accept that she was kidnapped, and it is hard to get out of that.

Also, she has not mentioned how she came out while sharing the information in public. 

Ngubeni only mentioned how God gave her strength to fight and was with her every time. 

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Thami Ngubeni Death Hoax: Is She Dead Or Alive?

Before saying the news about her being kidnapped in people, viewers started making a death hoax about Thami.

She was threatened with death, but she is not dead. Ngubeni was kidnapped and was able to escape from that, but she did not believe for some time that she was alive.

For her, it was tough to accept; not only her death hoax has come into the media about many celebrities.

Thami Ngubeni escapes death
Thami Ngubeni escapes death. (Image Source: Zimoja Lezinto)

People nowadays believe in social media blindly way. They believed in the death hoax and started passing comments on the post.

If a person believed and posted about her death of her, the second person also posted about her, and the news went viral for some time.

But when she shared the incident in her show, people concluded that the death news was just a hoax.

Some people who made news about the death just wanted people’s attention and views in their posts.

Many people only make fake news for attention, so Thami has been fit and fine with us. Do not believe in the death hoax. 

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