Angela Piper Illness

People are curious to know about the illness Angela Piper has. What Illness Does Angela Piper Have?

People know Piper as her portrayal of Jennifer Aldridge on the BBC radio Drama The Archers. She has been in the show 1963. 

Piper is the third longest-serving current soap opera as of the year 2022. People have always wanted to know more about Piper as she has been well-known for her voice in the show. 

So, you can just read further to learn about Angela Piper’s health condition, family, and net worth; this article will include everything you need to learn about her.

What Illness Does Angela Piper Have?

There has been a rumor about Piper having some illness, but she is healthy and living a healthy life. But many online portals have mentioned that she had a stroke. 

Following the news, people are curious to learn more about her current health issues, but she has not shared them publicly. 

There also has been particular news about Piper leaving the show; the charter she has been playing will be killed, as per many sources, which has not been confirmed yet. 

Maybe we will see more of it in the next episode. Maybe Piper is in her 80s, so she might suffer some minor illnesses that many older adults face their age. 

Picture of Angela Piper as Jennifer in 1980s.
Picture of Angela Piper as Jennifer in the 1980s. (Image Source: BBC)

But we can only confirm the news once she shares it in public; hopefully, the question has been raised unexpectedly so that she might share her current health condition. 

Also, she is the show’s pivotal character; she might not leave, or people who have been in the show for a long time will not love the replacement of Piper. 

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Angela Piper Family: Meet Her Parents Hilda And Arthur

Piper was born to her parents, Arthur Piper (Father) and Hilda Piper (Mother), in England. 

Her Father, Arthur was a teacher of engineering drawing at Bemrose School in Derby; he lived till he was 100, and her Father’s sister was still alive when she was 103. 

Her mother, Hilda, ran the Drama group, producing and performing plays in WI’s Denman College.

Piper mentioned that many women were not sent to work outside after the war, but she was proud that her mother worked and ran plays in a college. 

Piper was the single child of Hilda and Arthur, as she has not shared about her siblings in public yet. 

While talking about her family, she is married to Peter Bolger, a former anchor at the BBC. The couple lives together on the Suffolk border. 

Charles Collingwood, who plays Brian Aldridge on the Radio 4 show, alongside Angela Piper who plays his soap wife Jennifer.
 Angela Piper who plays his soap wife Jennifer, along with Charles Collingwood, who plays Brian Aldridge on the Radio 4 show (Image Source: The Telegraph)

Bolger and Piper have three children, and Piper mentioned that they often visit them. They have a daughter and two sons. They have not mentioned their name in public. 

One of her sons is an architect, and one a financier, and her daughter has a baby now. Along with their daughter, their son also has children, which has not been publicly mentioned.

Angela Piper Net Worth Update

According to the Source, her updated net worth is $6 million, which she has been earning from her acting career. 

Piper has yet to mention her base salary from the show, but with the database, her base salary might be $80,000. 

Piper has been involved in the show since 1963, and she will be involved in the show for more. Also, she might have another source of income, like business and investments, which she has yet to share with the public.

She appeared in the ITV series Life Begins at Forty in the 1980s, and she was in Third Time Lucky as well. 

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