Shankar Mishra wife

The name of Shankar Mishra wife has not been made public. However, the former Wells Fargo VP of operation is a married man with a two-year-old daughter.

Shankar Mishra is the man who allegedly urinated on a woman on an Air India flight.

The former Wells Fargo VP of operation reportedly peed on a fellow passenger while intoxicated on an Air India aircraft. Wells Fargo is a top financial services provider with assets worth around $1.9 trillion.

The accused was on an Air India flight from New York to New Delhi in November when the alleged incident occurred. He was taken into custody in Bengaluru and transported to Delhi.

 Since the incident came to public knowledge, the searches related to Mr. Mishra have skyrocketed. People want to learn more about the accused and his family.

Here is what we are aware of Shankar Mishra’s spouse, kids and family.

What Is The Name Of Shankar Mishra Wife? Kids And Family

The name of Shankar Mishra’s spouse has not been made public. However, the former Wells Fargo employee is a married man with a two-year-old daughter.

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As per the reports, Mishra lived with his elderly parents, spouse and daughter in Kamgar Nagar, Mumbai. He has been living in the neighborhood for the past two decades, claimed his neighbors.

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Shankar Mishra is a married man with a young daughter. (Image Source: Indian Express)

Before being fired by Wells Fargo, Shankar served as the Vice President of Operations in the Company.

Furthermore, the Nehru Nagar Police revealed that Mr. Mishra had no criminal records. His neighbors also said they never saw him engaging in any offensive act.

Shankar Mishra Air India Urination Case

On 26 November 2022, the Police issued a Look Out Circular (LoC) against Mishra due to complaints made by a woman on board an Air India flight.

To catch the culprits, the Delhi Police sent four teams to Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi and summoned eight airline crew members, including the pilot.

In response to Air India’s complaint, the Delhi Police filed an FIR on accusations of sexual harassment and insulting an older woman’s (fellow passenger) modesty.

Mishra was charged with violating sections 354 (sexual harassment), 294 (obscene act), 509 (word, gesture, or act intended to insult a woman’s modesty), 510 (misbehavior in public by a drunk person), and section 23 of the 1937 Air Craft Rules.

As a result of the airline’s carelessness in this case, the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) also sent notice to the Delhi Police, the DGCA, and Air India.

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Shankar Mishra was arrested for urinating on a passenger. (Image Source: Indian Express)

Shankar Mishra’s Family Was Not Cooperating With Investigation

Despite officers being dispatched to Mishra’s apartment, he remained untraceable. According to officials, the accused’s family members weren’t helping.

So, investigators sought help from the Mumbai Police, who maintained close watch over Mishra’s House.

Technical investigations revealed Mishra’s last location to be Bengaluru. Officers arrested him from the area on 4 January.

Air India banned the ex-Wells Fargo member Shankar Mishra from flying for four months. Before that, Air India announced a ban of 30 days on Mishra as the incident came to light.

Shankar Mishra claimed he didn’t pee on the elderly passenger, and she did it herself. Despite several statements the ex-Wells Fargo Vice President’s Father and lawyer issued, the court didn’t grant him bail.

Mistra’s lawyer denied the accusations in the latest development of the case.

They said that the woman urinated on herself, which indicates a urinary incontinence problem that affects Kathak dancers frequently. Large-scale criticism and backlash followed the statement.

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