Lama Hasan Face

As soon as fans noticed the significant changes in Lama Hasan Face, surgery became one of the buzzing topics on the internet these days.

Since May 2010, Lama Hasan, a British Journalist living in London, has contributed to ABC News live on air.

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The field reporting of the British Journalist has been featured on ABC affiliate stations, World News Tonight, Nightline, ABC News Now, and Good Morning America.

At the moment, Lama hosts World View on ABC News Now and covers other breaking news stories for the network.

Graduates of Mander Portman Woodward, Queen’s College, Oxford, and University College London comprise the legendary ABC correspondent.

What Is Wrong With Lama Hasan’s Face?

As soon as fans speculated changes in the Lama’s face, several media listed her among celebrities who performed facelifts.

The British Journalist follows Islam and tilts her face to the side while reporting, which often creates curiosity among fans.

Lama, who speaks Arabic fluently, has written extensively about the Arab response to the Second Gulf War.

Lama Hasan Face
ABC reporter Lama Hasan launched her report with a generous description of the series: “This gives unprecedented access to Harry and Meghan(Source: Daily Mail)

Recently, a British protest movement called The English Defense League has declared war on radical Islam, a battle they are taking to the streets in rowdy, often violent protests.

ABC’s Lama Hasan, a British Muslim, spent time with both Robinson and the Sharia Patrol in London to get to the heart of the conflict between the warring sides captivating audiences’ attention. 

The British reporter returns to the neighborhood of Luton, not only Robinson’s hometown but also the launch point for the July 7, 2005, London suicide bombings, the worst terrorist ****** in British history.

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Lama Hasan’s Surgery Before And After Photo

Taking about Lama’s surgery, while comparing her past and present pictures, one can observe significant changes.  

However, we cannot confirm the information about her surgery based on the pictures.

Lama Hasan Face
Lama Hasan’s Surgery Before (Source:ABC)

Lama was born on August 14, 1983, to her parents in the United Kingdom, to a British Muslim family whose details are unveiled on the media. She is in her 40s.

Since audiences can note the age gap between the pictures, one can observe facial changes, which are naturally evident as age brings fine lines and wrinkles that can make people look different.

Regrettably, there is no solid evidence that supports Lama’s surgery.

Lama Hasan Career: Where Is She Now?

The British Journalist covered the Amanda Knox trial and the catastrophic Costa Concordia cruise ship catastrophe for ABC News NOW while also serving as the host of the global news show “World View” and covering breaking news stories.

Lama was one of the first journalists to cover the famine and drought in Somalia and the refugee crisis in Dadaab, Kenya. In 2011, her reporting made ABC the first American network to cover hunger in east Africa.

Lama was recognized with the 2011CINE Golden Eagle Award for contributing to the 20/20 particular ”Islam: Answers and Questions.”

Her extensive reporting on the Arab reaction to the Iraq war provided her opportunity to cover major stories, including the Gaza conflict in January 2009 from the Egyptian side of the border, the battle between Israel and Hezbollah in the summer of 2006 from Jerusalem, Larnaca, and Cyprus.

Furthermore, Lama covered the H1N1, or swine flu, outbreak from Hong Kong, the funeral of Pope John Paul II, human trafficking in Moldova, slavery in Mauritania in northwestern Africa and the Gaza withdrawal from Israel.

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