What is wrng with Vikki Layton

What is wrong with Vikki Layton? Mark Selby wife illness and health update. Everything to know about her cancer rumors.

Mark Selby is an accomplished English snooker player, having won the World Snooker Championship four times and currently ranked as the world’s best player.

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He started his professional career at 16 and has won multiple championships, including three Master Championships, two UK Championships, and four World Snooker Championships.

Despite his achievements, Selby experienced a defeat in his first World Championship Final as a professional in 2007, losing to John Higgins.

Nevertheless, he has held the top spot in the rankings several times and has an impressive record of 22 ranking victories, making him the eighth-highest tournament winner of all time.

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What Is Wrong With Vikki Layton? Mark Selby Wife Illness And Cancer Update

Many people have been searching for information on Vikki Layton’s health and Mark Selby’s wife. As of 2023, Vikki Layton is alive and well.

However, Mark Selby has revealed that he has been struggling with mental health issues and recently suffered a “relapse” in his battle against depression.

He was disappointed with his performance in the quarterfinals, where he lost 6-1 to Barry Hawkins, feeling let down by himself.

Vikki Layton Illness
After his disappointing performance at the Masters, Mark Selby revealed that he had suffered a setback in his struggle with depression. (Source: The Independent)

Quietly and privately, Mark Selby had been dealing with mental health struggles. However, in recent times, it has started to affect his performance, and he has faced some difficulties.

After his match against Hawkins, Selby was disappointed with his performance and felt let down by himself.

Prior to this, he had kept his mental health issues to himself, but he was honest about his struggles, revealing that he has been battling depression.

Growing up, Selby was an only child who faced significant challenges. His father passed away from cancer when he was 16, and his mother abandoned him when he was only eight years old.

The difficult circumstances surrounding his upbringing may have caused trauma and significantly impacted his mental health.

Moreover, this news might also give birth to his wife’s cancer rumors. However, there is no news on his wife battling with cancer. 

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Vikki Layton Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Mark Selby Wife?

Vikki Layton is not featured on Wikipedia’s official website. Further, her age is not revealed.

Based on her photos, she appears to be in her mid-thirties, although her exact age has not been disclosed to the media or the public by her husband, Mark Selby.

Vikki participated in two snooker tournaments between 2003 and 2004 before marrying Selby, with whom she has been married for 11 years.

Vikki Layton Illness
Vikki Layton, Mark Selby’s spouse, used to be a professional pool player. (Source: Eurosport)

Vikki Layton took part in the 2003 WEPF Ladies World Championship in Blackpool, followed by the Ladies European Championship in Jersey, where she made it to the semifinals before being defeated by Barbara Taylor, a fellow pool player.

Born in Ipswich, Vikki is now a full-time mother who developed an interest in the sport during her teenage years.

Although she only competed in a few events during her time as a professional pool player, it appears that she now finds fulfillment in supporting her partner.

While Vikki no longer plays pool, she attends all of Mark Selby’s snooker matches to show her support for him.

Vikki Layton And Mark Selby Marriage Life

In 2010, Mark Selby and Vikki Layton got engaged and then tied the knot in 2011.

Their wedding ceremony was held in Cancun, Mexico, where close friends and family members witnessed their exchange of vows in May 2011. The couple met in 2006 during a professional event.

Vikki Layton Illness
Mark Selby, along with his wife Vikki Layton and daughter Sofia Maria, commemorates his triumph in the Betway UK Championship. (Source: The Mirror)

Mark Selby and Vikki Layton welcomed their daughter, Sofia Maria, in 2014. Following tournament victories, they shared family photos with their daughter.

In 2016, Mark dedicated his second world championship win to his late father-in-law, who passed away in September 2015.

Mark considers Vikki’s family as his own since he doesn’t have a large family. He expressed that the absence of Vikki’s father during his championship win was upsetting, as he was present during Mark’s previous victory two years prior.

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