What Race Is 69 Tekashi

The famous rapper Tekashi69 is Latino. While his dad is Mexican, his mom is Puerto Rican. Addressing the issue related to his use of the N-word, he said it’s how he grew up in Brooklyn.

Daniel Hernandez is professionally known as Tekashi69 and 6IX9INE (pronounced as “six nine”). He is a well-accomplished rapper from the United States.

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An aggressive rapping style distinguishes his music. Meanwhile, his contentious public presence is characterized by his recognizable rainbow-colored hair, numerous tattoos, legal troubles, and widely reported celebrity feuds.

Tekashi69 gained broader recognition in late 2017 following the release of his debut single, Gummo.

His debut single was a sleeper hit. He has created several hit songs, like mixtape Day69, Gotti, Kooda, Keke, Fefe, and Dummy Boy.

There has been significant curiosity regarding Tekashi69’s race, ethnicity, and origin. Thus, here we present every piece of information we have.

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What Race Is 69 Tekashi? Ethnicity, Religion, And Origin

The famous rapper 69 Tekashi is Latino. His Father is from Atlixco, Puebla, Mexico, and his mother is from Piedras, Puerto Rico. Hence, the Dummy Boy hitmaker is of Hispanic origin. As for his religion, the talented artist is Christian.

What Race Is 69 Tekashi
Tekashi69 has a Hispanic origin. (Image Source: Independent)

As reported by Metro, people raised their voices after the musician used the N-word. He also defended his continuous use of the N-word and challenged anyone to dare stop him.

During his appearance on the Breakfast Club Show on Power 105.1 FM, The Tattle Tales singer said to the co-hosts Charlemagne Tha God, DJ Enby, and Angela Yee, “who is going to stop me? Who?”

While explaining he didn’t have a problem with 69 using the N-word, one of the show’s hosts said people seem to have a problem with him saying such words because they thought Mexicans should not be saying it.

The New York City-based artist confidently asked who was going to stop him. Later, the host, Charlemagne, asked Tekashi what the N-word meant to him.

The Kooda rapper said it’s the way he grew up in Brooklyn and is his culture. He added that it’s his vocabulary and the way he talks.

According to Tekashi69, all the Spanish youngsters used the phrase in New York.

Don’t make it a “me thing.” He added, “I’m not like Post Malone,” I will say it. The artist referred to the white rapper who had to apologize for using the N-word in 2015 when a video surfaced in 2017.

Tekashi Parents And Family – He Struggled A Lot As A Child

On 8 May 1996, Daniel Hernandez was welcomed by his parents, Natividad Perez-Hernandez and Daniel Hernandez Sr.

His mother, Natividad, worked as a factory worker and House cleaner. The musician didn’t see his dad since he was 12.

Per the reports, Daniel Hernandez Sr. showed up on the day he was sentenced to two years in prison in 2019.

What Race Is 69 Tekashi
The New York-based musician Tekashi69 and his biological father. (Image Source: Page Six)

He didn’t know his dad until he was nine and had only a brief relationship. According to Hernandez Sr., the singer’s mom had told him he was dead.

The rapper’s stepdad was shot dead a few blocks away from the family home in 2010.

The BEBE hitmaker’s mother struggled to pay the expenses after his stepdad’s passing. Thus, young Daniel stopped attending school and began working as a busboy, a delivery boy at the grocery store, to help his mom.

However, the Gummo hitmaker said he was fired because he was too frail to lift the trays. As a result, Daniel and his older brother, Oscar Osiris Hernandez, started dealing drugs.

Takashi69 Philanthropic Works

Tekashi69 has made an effort to raise awareness of HIV despite his hard image and upbringing.

He claims to have participated in numerous charity walks and has many pals with the illness. Tekashi also wears apparel bearing the HIV acronym.

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