Where Is Alisyn Camerota Going

Alisyn Camerota is a household name in the American journalism scene. She left hosting CNN New Day, which she used to host alongside Laura Coates and Jake Tapper. And now fans are intrigued to find out where Alisyn Camerota is going after leaving CNN. 

Alisyn Camerota is one of the most notable American political commentators and broadcast journalists that the world has ever seen.

Born Alisyn Lane Camerota, she currently hosts CNN Tonight from 10-11 pm.

She previously held the positions of the anchor of CNN’s morning program New Day, co-host of CNN Newsroom’s afternoon segment, and presenter for Fox News.

In addition to being twice nominated for an Emmy Award for news reporting, Camerota has covered stories both domestically and internationally.

Camerota spent many years at Fox News prior to joining CNN, most notably as a co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend and a member of the Fox & Friends franchise.

Recently, the journalist left her position at CNN New Day, and many people want to know about her recent projects.

Hence, this article covers all essential details regarding Alisyn’s new job and career earnings.

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Where Is Alisyn Camerota Going After Leaving CNN’s New Day?

The American journalist has had an association with CNN for many years.

The news that Camerota had joined the CNN news team as a TV anchor with a time slot to be announced was declared by CNN and CNN International on July 14, 2014.

She co-anchored CNN’s New Day on the mornings of Friday, 25th July 2014, and Monday, 25th August 2014.

In 2015, Alisyn was made a permanent co-anchor of New Day, and it is said that her addition to the show resulted in a 9% boost in viewership.

Furthermore, the journalist alongside Victor Blackwell, began to host CNN Newsroom from 2-4 p.m. from April 19, 2021. 

Where Is Alisyn Camerota Going
Alisyn Camerota at her workplace. (Source: Instagram)

Camerota was chosen in September 2022 to co-host CNN Tonight’s 10 p.m. hour for the 2022 midterm elections as an interim host alongside Laura Coates and Jake Tapper. 

Likewise, she was chosen to serve as CNN Tonight in January 2023 as a regular host for the 10 p.m. hour.

This means that Alisyn is not leaving CNN completely, but she has just been elected as the regular host of CNN Tonight. 

Details On Alisyn Camerota’s New Job 

Currently, Alisyn permanently hosts the 10 p.m. hour of CNN Tonight. She is still associated with CNN and hasn’t made any intentions to leave the channel.

Apart from hosting, the news presenter has also written a novel, Amanda Wakes Up.

She began writing the novel while taking notes of the candidates she interviewed for the 2012 presidential election.

Furthermore, Alisyn used the notes based on her 25 years in the journalistic industry to create a novel.

She wanted to remind readers of the value of legitimate journalism when she authored the book.

Where Is Alisyn Camerota Going
Alisyn Camerota at her show CNN tonight. (Source: Instagram)

According to Associated Press book reviewer Lincee Ray, the book “offers a fair dose of what it means to weigh ambition against the truth.”

On top of that, Amanda Wakes Up was selected by NPR as one of the year’s best books 

Alisyn Camerota Net Worth And Career Earnings 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Alisyn Camerota has a net worth of $8.5 million, which she amassed from her notable career as a television news anchor and journalist.

Moreover, her annual salary is $3 million. Her professional endeavors as a news presenter and anchor are the primary sources of her income.

Hopefully, Alisyn is leading a comfortable life with her well-earned fortune.

She is happily married to Tim Lewis and is a devoted mother of Alessandra Lewis, Nathaniel Lewis, and Francesca Lewis.

The journalist lives happily with her family in Westport, Connecticut.

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