Amy Winehouse Kids

People are curious to know more about Amy Winehouse Kids as many fans are unaware of her lifestyle.

Amy Jade Winehouse was a singer and songwriter from England. She was recognized for her deep, expressive contralto vocals and varied musical tastes, including soul, rhythm and blues, and jazz.

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Winehouse’s debut album, “Frank,” was well-received by reviewers and the public in 2003. The CD contained a combination of original compositions and interpretations of famous jazz and blues pieces, showcasing her powerful voice and distinct style. 

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The record won her multiple award nominations and helped her establish herself as one of the year’s most promising new musicians.

Where Are Amy Winehouse Kids Jack Fielder-Civil And Lola Jade Fielder-Civil?

Amy Winehouse, the British singer-songwriter known for her soulful voice and troubled personal life, passed away in 2011 at 27.  

Amy died in 2011 after an alcohol overdose. Blake, her husband, married Sarah Aspin and had two children with her before meeting Amy.

Amy Winehouse Kids
Amy Winehouse Kids Jack Fielder-Civil (source: x17online)

They were sent to their Father’s relatives to care for. Jack and Lola have remained hidden from the public eye.

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Blake Fielder-Civil and Sarah Aspin are the parents of a well-known American celebrity child named Jack Fielder. He is British and of Caucasian descent. Lola Jade Fielder-Civil, Blake Fielder’s daughter, is well-known. Lola was born in 2013.

Lola’s Father, Blake Fielder-Civil, is a British Actor. Blake was born in Northamptonshire, England, in 1982. On April 16 of each year, he turns 38, making him 39 in 2021. 

After marrying Amy Winehouse, the late Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, he became famous. 

Sarah Aspin is Lola’s mother’s name. Sarah became well-known after dating Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil.

Who Were Amy Winehouse’s Parents? Family Ethnicity Explored

Amy’s parents have frequently spoken about their daughter’s life and career while also undertaking numerous programs to maintain her music in the public light ten years after her untimely *****.

Mitch was a cab driver and window panel installer when he and his then-wife Janis had their daughter Amy on September 14, 1983.

Amy Winehouse Kids
Amy Winehouse with her parents Mick and Janis (source: Smooth Radio)

Alex, his oldest son, was born in 1979. A few months after Amy’s *****, he gave his first emotional interview on an American talk program in September 2011.

Amy’s parents divorced when she was nine years old, and she lived with her mother, Janis, while spending weekends with her Father and his girlfriend in Essex. Janis married her partner Richard Collins in 2011 after parting from Mitch.

When Lorraine Kelly of ITV asked Janis how she felt when she learned Amy had died, she said, “It took time for me, disbelief.”

Richard, her husband, added: “It was the most horrible day of my life. I received a phone call informing me that Amy had left. Martin, her cousin, was the one who called. 

‘Don’t be ridiculous; we were with her yesterday,’ I answered. And he said, ‘No, I’m dead serious.’ Then I had to inform Janis.

“‘Janis, I don’t know what to say; she’s gone,’ I replied. She gave me an eerie look as she talked about my mother because my mother died a month after Amy – my mother was severely ill.

What Was Amy Winehouse’s Net Worth Before *****?

 Amy Winehouse was a renowned British singer who died in 2011 with a net worth of $4 million. Her deep vocals and melodic blend of soul, jazz, and R&B made her famous.

Winehouse released her debut album, “Frank,” in 2003 after signing with EMI and later Island Records. It debuted at the top of the UK charts album chart in 2004 and was nominated for two Brit Awards.

 It later went platinum, and Winehouse and producer Salaam Remi received the Ivor Novello Award for Best Contemporary Song for the track “Stronger Than Me.” 

“Take the Box,” “Pumps/Help Yourself,” and “In My Bed/You Sent Me Flying” were among the album’s other singles.

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