Where Is Alison Starling Going

Where is Alison Starling going after leaving WJLA-TV remains a question that intrigues both her dedicated viewers.

After an impressive 20-year stint as a prominent news anchor at 7News, Alison Starling has decided to step away from the anchor desk.

Starling has been a cornerstone of local journalism, delivering headlines to the community. She has been a familiar face on D.C.’s television screens.

Her decision to leave stems from a desire to shift her focus towards family, particularly her young daughters.

In this article, we delve into the details of Alison Starling’s departure from WJLA-TV, exploring the reasons behind her decision, and her notable achievements in the field.

Where Is Alison Starling Going After Leaving WJLA-TV?

Where Alison Starling is going after leaving WJLA-TV is a curious topic.

Where Is Alison Starling Going
In this post, Alison Starling announces her departure from the anchor desk at WJLA-TV after 20 years. (Source: Instagram)

Alison Starling bids farewell to WJLA-TV, marking her last day on air as November 22nd. The anchor is known for her dedication to covering news in the nation’s capital.

She is not venturing too far from the D.C. community she has served for two decades. Starling is committed to her family, emphasizing the importance of being present for her daughters, Ava and Emma.

Her decision to step away from the anchor desk is driven by a profound realization that time with loved ones is precious and irreplaceable. The departure from WJLA-TV does not signal a complete exit from the world of journalism for her.

She plans to take a total break from the news for now. However, she leaves the door open for potential return, mentioning the possibility of contributing through special reports.

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As the Chief White House Correspondent for NBC News, Starling’s husband, Peter Alexander is also a prominent figure in the news industry.

Alison Starling Salary: Her Career Earnings 

The details about Alison Starling’s salary are not publicly disclosed, but her decades-long career and numerous accolades suggest a substantial income. 

Where Is Alison Starling Going
Alison Starling is captured alongside her husband, Peter Alexander, and their two adorable daughters, Ava and Emma. (Source: wtop)

Anchoring prime-time newscasts and reporting on significant events undoubtedly elevated her professional standing and financial compensation. Her financial stability and experience position her favorably for whatever endeavors she chooses to pursue next.

Throughout her illustrious career, Alison has earned the respect of her peers and viewers. She has also garnered substantial financial success.

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Having anchored the noon, 4 p.m., and 5 p.m. newscasts at 7News, Starling has been a mainstay on local television. She has won seven Emmy Awards for her outstanding coverage. 

Alison Starling New Job Details Explored

Alison Starling’s new job prospects are shrouded in anticipation, signaling a fresh phase in her career.

Starling’s departure from WJLA-TV doesn’t mark the end of her professional journey. She takes a hiatus from anchoring and expresses eagerness to find new ways to utilize her skill set.

The seasoned journalist’s commitment to D.C. remains unwavering, and her future endeavors are met with anticipation. The possibility of returning for special reports or projects hints at a potential continuation of her connection with the news industry.

However, Starling is clear that the daily grind of anchoring, three hours a day, will come to a halt. 

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Her dedication and skill set have contributed to her status as a respected figure in D.C. journalism.

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