Where Is Alix Kendall

People are wondering where Alix Kendall is and eagerly waiting for her return to the airwaves.

Alix Kendall is a well-known news anchor who has been a prominent figure in the journalism industry for years. 

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She is best known for her work with Fox 9 News in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she has been a mainstay for over two decades. 

She has been a well-known personality in Minneapolis-St. Paul for more than 20 years, and since KMSP-launch TV in 1999, she has served as the station’s news anchor.

The station’s morning program, which has undergone several name changes and is currently called “Morning Buzz,” is well-known for having Kendall as its anchor.

This article will explore what happened to Alix Kendall, where she is now, and the latest update on her injuries.

Where Is Alix Kendall Now? 

After the accident, Alex Kendall took some time off to recover from her injuries. 

Alix Insta
The Instagram post shared by Alix Kendall about her accident has garnered attention from people. (Source: Instagram)

While she has not made a full return to work yet, she has been able to make some appearances on Fox 9 News. She has also been active on social media, keeping her fans and followers updated on her recovery process.

Despite the wound, Kendall expressed confidence in her ability to recuperate and stated she would be okay.

Her supporters wished her a swift recovery and thanked the emergency personnel and medical professionals who cared for her.

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Kendall has been a well-known and respected member of the Minneapolis media community, so her absence has been felt, but her comforting update has calmed anxious viewers.

Alix Kendall Accident: What Happened To Her?

Popular Minneapolis, Minnesota-based news anchor Alix Kendall recently had an injury that prevented her from appearing on the KMSP-TV newscasts.

Kendall sent an update on her social media pages responding to reader concerns about her disappearance.

She said in her article that on March 19, on a “doggie date,” Kendall had a freak accident. She could have lost an eye as she hit her face first on a spire-shaped rod iron fencing.

Since news of the accident broke, many people have been sending Kendall messages of support and wishing her a speedy recovery.

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Although it is unknown when Kendall will return to the airwaves, her admirers can’t wait to see her. She has been taking time to relax and recover from her wounds in the interim.

Alix Kendall Injury Update 

Since the accident, Alix Kendall has been focused on her recovery. 

She has undergone several surgeries and has spent months in physical therapy. In a recent interview with Fox 9 News, Kendall shared an update on her recovery process.

Alix Injury
Injury photo of Alix Kendall. (Source: modelfact.com)

The anchor’s brow required ten stitches, and one of her eyes was injured. She, fortunately, avoided a concussion.

According to reports, Kendall was awake right after the collision. When the emergency personnel attended to her, she captured images and made a tape. 

She also jokingly said that driving over potholes was the worst part. Despite her progress, Kendall is still dealing with the effects of her injuries.

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Although Kendall has not been active on social media since disclosing her accident, she is undoubtedly in high spirits as of her most recent update. She also acknowledged every one of her supporters.

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