Where Is Amy Robach Going

Following rumors that GMA3, where is Amy Robach going after leaving GMA? Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes may be having an affair; a scandal has shaken the Good Morning America universe.

The hosts, who are 49 and 45 years old, have already deleted their social media accounts after the Daily Mail published a video of them packing a car with suitcases in what appeared to be upstate New York’s rural area.

American television Journalist Amy Joanne Robach works for A.B.C. News. She co-anchors 20/20 and fills in as the anchor for Good Morning America’s breaking news segment.

She was a national correspondent for N.B.C. News and co-hosted N.B.C.’s Today on Saturdays. She was also an anchor for MSNBC. She and David Muir have been the co-anchors of 20/20 since May 2018.

Where Is Amy Robach Going After Leaving GMA?

People are wondering where is Amy Robach going after leaving G.M.A. Less than a week after their connection became widely known, leadership informed workers on December 5 that Holmes and Amy Robach would be taking a hiatus from anchoring the Good Morning America offshoot.

Some have conjectured that Amy and T.J. are having an affair and have been together for some time due to the release of this footage, which appears to show the two vacationing together.

After the two made their Instagram profiles private, which only fueled the flames, this suspicion grew greater. Some are now speculating about Amy and T.J.’s futures on G.M.A.

Where Is Amy Robach Going
Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are rumored to be dating. (Source: Hello! magazine )

On Monday, December 5, network president Kim Godwin informed the G.M.A. employees that Amy and T.J. would no longer be airing their show.

The hosts for the 1 pm E.T. broadcast will be A.B.C. News correspondents Gio Benitez and Stephanie Ramos.

In 2020, T.J. and Amy became GMA3 co-hosts. Since then, the two have covered several events and even participated in the New York City half-marathon.

It’s unclear at this time how aware the show’s producers were of the relationship between the two co-hosts, which can be challenging to navigate in a work environment.

What Happened To Amy Robach?

Both T.J. and Amy are wed. Amy is the mother of two daughters from a previous marriage and the stepmother to Andrew’s three children. She has married the former Melrose Place Actor Andrew Shue since 2010.

While all is going on, T.J. has been married to Marilee Fiebig for 11 years. They have a daughter named Sabine, who is nine years old. Two elder kids also have T.J. as their Father.

According to Page Six, Amy and T.J. divorced their partners in August due to their liaison. The two started dating while they were preparing for the half-marathon.

Where Is Amy Robach Going
Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes together in the set. (Source: StyleCaster )

According to one insider, the couple allegedly made a concerted effort to keep their affair from the public. “They appear to have a very close friendship, but that is to be anticipated.

However, they took great care behind the scenes to hide their relationship. The news that they are having an affair has startled the G.M.A. producers, the source revealed.

It is currently unknown how their alleged relationship may affect either host’s future employment at the network.

Family Details of Amy Robach

Robach is related to Matt Lindahl, a former Nashville Star contender. The performing arts teachers at her high school were her aunt and uncle.

Robach and Tim McIntosh were wed from 1996 until Robach requested an uncontested divorce in 2008. Their daughters, Ava and Analise, were born in 2002 and 2006.

Where Is Amy Robach Going
Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes. (Source: StyleCaster )

In September of that same year, Robach became engaged to former Melrose Place Actor Andrew Shue.

On February 6, 2010, Robach’s birthday, they were wed at The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers, located close to the Hudson River. Robach’s marriage to Andrew Shue produced three stepsons: Nate (born in 1997), Aidan (born in 1999), and Wyatt.

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