Where Is Cheryl Brayboy Going

Many people have been asking, “Where is Cheryl Brayboy going?” Find out if the prominent television personality is leaving the news network.

The name Cheryl Butler Braayboy needs no introduction to the WBTV viewers.

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The well-known television personality is widely recognized for co-hosting the WBTV show QC@3 with Jordan Sawyers.

The University of Pennsylvania graduate has worked with several famous news outlets throughout her career. In addition, she has accumulated enormous fame and huge fanbase.

Recently, Cheryl Braayboy’s departure news has been circulating online. Is she leaving WBTV? Find out the truth below.

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Where Is Cheryl Brayboy Going After Leaving WBTV? New Job And Salary

QC@3 host Cheryl Brayboy is not leaving WBTV. She has not announced her departure from the network. Neither has she revealed any plans for a new job. She is still working with the WBTV.

Where Is Cheryl Brayboy Going
Cheryl Brayboy is not leaving the QC@3 show and WBTV – she shared a work-related picture on her Facebook Story. (Image Source: Facebook)

In addition, the prominent host shared a picture of Marisa Cohen, who seems to have appeared on the QC@3 show, on her Facebook story.

Nevertheless, Cheryl Brayboy is still working with WBTV and doesn’t seem to be leaving the networks soon.

It is unclear when and how Chryl’s departure news began circulating, but it is false. 

In her last Facebook post, the television personality shared many snaps of her family celebrating the 15th birthday of her daughter, Jiana.

Brayboy’s fans can breathe a sigh of relief as the QC@3 is not leaving the show and the network.

Cheryl Brayboy Career Explored

Cheryl Brayboy’s illustrious career at WBTV began in August 2019 when she took on the role of co-host for the network’s popular lifestyle show, QC@3.

Beyond her on-screen presence, Cheryl’s passion for storytelling is evident as she enjoys ******** and editing features for the show.

Where Is Cheryl Brayboy Going
Contrary to the rumors circulating online, WBTV official Cheryl Brayboy is not leaving the network. (Image Source: Facebook)

Not only that, she actively seeks out narratives that highlight women’s empowerment, cultural heritage, medical marvels, and entertainment.

Hailing from Chicago, Cheryl’s journey in journalism started as an intern for The Jerry Springer Show, where she honed her skills in writing promos and booking guests.

Under the mentorship of the renowned Chicago journalist Vernon Jarrett, she further polished her craft on the esteemed Face to Face: The Vernon Jarrett Show on WLS TV.

Cheryl’s journalistic pursuits have led her to cover a spectrum of subjects, from politics and crime to education and religion, across television stations nationwide.

Notably, she anchored the news on Fox 46 in Charlotte, earning an Emmy for her exceptional newscasting.

Holding a Ph.D. in English from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. in English/Spanish from Spelman College, Cheryl’s intellectual prowess is matched by her academic dedication, with teaching roles at Johnson C. Smith University and other institutions.

Beyond borders, Cheryl’s curiosity has taken her to Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and England for independent research.

In her Charlotte home, she shares her life with her husband, Jack, an esteemed journalist, and their daughter Jiana, a talented dancer.

Cheryl doesn’t only enjoy a prosperous career but also a happy personal life.

She lives with her husband, Jack, a veteran journalist, and their daughter, Jiana, a dancer.

Brayboy’s narrative extends beyond journalism as she seamlessly embraces the role of a devoted dance mom.

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