Where Is Dina Pugliese Going

Where is Dina Pugliese going after the show has been a top question since she announced that her last appearance in the show would be on February 24? 

Dina Pugliese is a television host; she has been hosting Breakfast Television since 2006, it has been 16 years, and she has decided to leave the show.

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Besides starting her career in Breakfast Television, she worked in different shows, including, The Bynon Show and MuchMusic VJ Search. 

The host has left a good impression everywhere, and people have also loved her swing on the Breakfast Television. 

People have been raising many questions about her health condition, as she might be leaving the show because of her health condition. Read further to learn about it.

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Where Is Dina Pugliese Going After Leaving Breakfast Television?

Dina Pugliese has mentioned that she will leave to show and take a break for her family, husband, and children. 

Pugliese said the show has made her spend more time on the set than with her close ones. So she has taken a step down from her work.

She shared about leaving the show on Wednesday Breakfast television and mentioned her last appearance would be on February 24.

Breakfast Television co-host Dina Pugliese says she’s leaving the show
Breakfast Television co-host Dina Pugliese says she’s leaving the show. (Image Source: Toronto Star)

Pugliese shared the news when she was with her co-host Sid Seixeiro; she said, “I have decided it is my time to step down and leave the show,”

She added, “I’ll tell you this didn’t happen overnight; this has been a feeling I’ve had for a while now.”

The host mentioned she used to wake up at 4 am for the show, but during the pandemic, that time moved to 1:30 am, and now it has been 2:30 am. 

So, her time has been only for the show, and she has not been all together with her family and wants to spend quality time with them.

The replacement of Pugliese has yet to be mentioned; hopefully, after her last appearance in the show, it will be noted. 

Dina Pugliese Illness And Health Update

Dina Pugliese is a courageous and hardworking woman, but after working for more than a decade, she has to fall apart. 

The Canadian television personality mentioned that she was mentally and physically weak because of the show, time and management. 

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She hardly spent time with her family, and it was getting worse. Everyone needs a change; Dina has been in the show for 16 years and feels like she needs a change.

Pugliese said, “It has taken both a mental and physical toll, and we have to listen to ourselves,” 

Dina Pugliese and Alek Mirkovich at their wedding.
Dina Pugliese and Alek Mirkovich at their wedding. (Image Source: Streets Of Toronto)

She has been planning to spend time with her family and focus on her beauty line; her work was hectic, so she was physically and mentally weak. 

The host has not shared any severe issues; she will be fine and healthy after she has managed her hectic life, travels and spends time with her family.

Every human needs a change in their life; they cannot spend all of their life in the same place and doing the same thing. 

The Breakfast Television host has decided to take a break from her work and have some changes in her life. 

It is her choice to spend time with her family; she will get healthy, and to be clear, she has no severe health issues. 

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