Where Is Don Lemon Going

Where is Don Lemon Going After Leaving CNN? American television Journalist Don Lemon is most known for his time as a host on CNN from 2014 until 2023.

In his early career as a Journalist, Lemon hosted weekend news programs on regional television stations in Alabama and Pennsylvania.

For N.B.C., Lemon served as a news correspondent for shows like Today and NBC Nightly News.

He began working for CNN in 2006 as a correspondent and became well-known as the host of Don Lemon Tonight from 2014 to 2022.

Most recently, he co-hosted CNN This Morning with Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins. Let’s get to know where is Don Lemon going after leaving CNN.

Where Is Don Lemon Going After Leaving CNN?

It is not revealed where is Don Lemon going after leaving CNN because the news of him being fired is recent news. CNN has fired Don Lemon, the celebrity and network announced on Monday.

Lemon said on Twitter that he was “stunned” and had learned of his CNN dismissal through his agency. He stated, “At no point was I ever told I couldn’t do the work I enjoyed at the network.

On the other hand, CNN rejected the claim that Lemon had been fired, claiming that he had been “offered an opportunity to meet with management but instead released a statement on Twitter.”

Where Is Don Lemon Going
Where Is Don Lemon Going? (Source: Variety)

The two had “parted ways,” the network claimed in a statement.

The network said in a memo, “Don will always be a part of the CNN family, and we thank him for his contributions over the last 17 years.” “We wish him well and will support him in his endeavors in the future.”

Controversy And Sexism Scandal Of Don Lemon

The information comes after a shocking Variety investigation claiming Lemon had a long history of misogynistic behavior with his female coworkers, including insulting and cruel texts and openly disparaging female coworkers in meetings.

Lemon was fired from “CNN This Morning” in February for two days after claiming that Nikki Haley, a Republican, was not a strong candidate for the GOP presidential nomination because she “isn’t in her prime.”

He stated, “a woman is considered to be in her prime in her 20s, 30s, and possibly 40s.” Later on the same day, he apologized on Twitter. Insider has contacted CNN and Lemon for additional comment.

Only a few hours before the sacking of the top CNN anchor, Fox News announced that its star personality, Tucker Carlson, was leaving the network.

Lemon voted Republican and for Ronald Reagan while attending Louisiana State University. At 30, he later earned a broadcast journalism degree from Brooklyn College. He worked for WNYW as a Brooklyn College intern.

He spent several years as a correspondent for N.B.C. affiliates in Philadelphia and Chicago and Fox affiliates in St. Louis and Chicago.

Personal Life Details of Don Lemon

Lemon has a property in Sag Harbor, Long Island, New York, and a residence in Harlem, New York.

In a September 2010 radio interview with Bishop Eddie Long congregation members, Lemon talked about being sexually assaulted by a teenage neighbor when he was five or six and how he did not tell his mother about it until he was thirty.

After coming out in private and to close friends and coworkers, Lemon made his sexual orientation public in his 2011 autobiography, Transparent, making him “one of the few openly gay Black men in broadcasting.”

Where Is Don Lemon Going
CNN fired Don Lemon after a sexism scandal. (Source: CNN)

He also spoke about his experiences as a child being sexually abused and colorism in the black community.

Tyler Clementi, a college student who committed suicide after his roommate outed him online, was honored in the book by the author.

Lemon added that he had been aware of his sexuality since he was five or six. He reported the event to the Police after receiving death threats in October 2017, including racial remarks.

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