Where Is Freddie Burns Going

Where is Freddie Burns going? He confirmed that he is leaving Leicester Tigers and played the season’s Grand Final against Saracens.

Bruns is a professional rugby player who over 100 games with Leicester Tiger in the 2013-14 season and 2021-22 season; before that, he played with Gloucester. 

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He joined Gloucester in June 2008 and played until the 2012 season, when he was in the Leicester team. After he announced that he is leaving Leicester, the public has been curious to know where he is going news for the 2023-24 season. 

You can read further to learn where the player will be going next, with all his professional skills and experience from all the games he has been in. 

Where Is Freddie Burns Going After Leaving Leicester Tigers? Is He Joining Highlanders?

Bruns is looking forward to experiencing more; Bruns, 32, has confirmed that he will join Highlanders on January 22, 2023. The player will be affected by playing for the team from February 2023. 

The next day, on January 23, Highlanders officially announced that the franchise had signed Burns for the 2023 Super Rugby Pacific season, and he will continue his Super rugby career. 

Bruns had an interview with BBC Radio before he left for Highlanders in New Zealand. His fans send him a message through the radio, and he reads it with eyes full of tears. 

Freddie Burns breaks down in tears on live radio show in deeply moving moment.
Freddie Burns breaks down in tears on live radio show in deeply moving moment. (Image Source: Wales Online)

The player reads the messages from his fans ahead of his last match with Leicester Tigers. One of the messages from his fans made him emotional; he reads,” My first Tigers game, grandpa took me. You were playing, and I had the pleasure of meeting you after the game.”

The message included, “I grabbed a photo with my grandpa, and he had it on the mantelpiece of me with Freddie. Fast forward to the Premiership final many years later, and my grandpa was extremely unwell the weekend of the final. Having been at Twickenham, it was an incredible experience, and all the work you had put in as a club came to a head that day, and I couldn’t have been prouder.”

The message mentioned that after the final, the same night, his grandpa sadly passed away. Before anything, his grandfather couldn’t remember much and could hardly speak. However, his last memories were of being at Freddie’s game. 

Bruns took a break with eyes full of tears and said he might not finish reading all this. The player looked very emotional in the interview; he couldn’t talk without getting passionate about the message one of his fans sent him. 

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Freddie Burns Net Worth Update 

People are often curious to learn the earnings and net worth of players; as of that, Bruns net worth has been a top topic of discussion. 

According to a recent update by the Source, Bruns’s net worth is $5 million. Burns has made such an amount of wealth from his primary career as a Rugby Player that he has been able to make his career million’s worth. 

Burns joins Highlanders for 2023 Super Rugby season.
Burns joins Highlanders for 2023 Super Rugby season. (Image Source: Eduzim)

His primary source of income might be as a Rugby player, but he might have other sources like business and investments, which have yet to be disclosed in public. 

Burns played five times for England between 2012 and 2014, which includes beating the All Blacks in 2012.

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