Where Is Hellen Muthoni Going

“Where is Hellen Muthoni going?” became a burning question after she recently announced her departure from Inooro TV.

The departure of Hellen Muthoni from Inooro TV after a seven-year stint hosting the Kikuyu gospel morning show, “Rurumuka,” has sparked widespread interest and curiosity about her future endeavors.

Her announcement, both on air and through her social media channels, triggered an outpouring of emotions from fans and colleagues alike.

Rurumuka is a Kikuyu gospel show that airs every Sunday morning on the Royal Media television station, Inooro TV. Notably, Muthoni joined Inooro TV in 2016, serving seven years as the gospel show’s presenter.

The news came as a shock to her colleagues and fans. Following the news, several questions concern her future professional life.

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Where Is Hellen Muthoni Going? New Job And Salary

Hellen Muthoni, who announced her departure from Inooro TV on air and her Instagram account, has yet to share any information about her next career plan.

Where Is Hellen Muthoni Going
Hellen Muthoni did not disclose her next career plan while announcing her departure from Inooro TV. (Image Source: Facebook)

“Unto the last segment on air!” Hellen posted on her Instagram account on 12 November, prompting heartfelt reactions from fans.

The news shocked fans, but loyal show followers quickly went to her social media accounts to express their reactions, hoping for her success in her future ventures.

An Instagram user said she cried when she saw the television personality giving credit to Royal media hosts for the last time today.

“It was a touching moment. You have been a role model for me, and I pray for God’s favor and mercy in all your ventures,” added Hellen’s fan.

Daniel Githongo, a gospel presenter and former Royal Media colleague named DJ Gee Gee, also commented on the announcement, hoping for a great time in the next phase of this season.

During the show, Muthoni’s co-host Daniel Kihoro, also known as Dj Covenant, praised Muthoni as a fantastic host and friend who helped improve her reputation since she joined.

Muthoni’s colleagues gave her gifts and complimented her for working hard during her time at the station in a heartfelt moment.

However, Hellen Muthoni did not disclose what she would do after leaving the station.

Hellen Muthoni Denied Being Fired

Hellen Muthoni, also known as Msoo, made it clear that she was not fired from Royal Media Services.

Where Is Hellen Muthoni Going
Hellen Muthoni with DJ Covenant while hosting the Rurumuka show. (Image Source: MSN)

She also expressed her gratitude to her bosses and colleagues in a touching post, acknowledging everyone’s contribution.

The television personality said in a detailed statement, “It’s with deep concern that I want to clarify all the potential confusions emerging regarding my departure from the Royal Media Services.”

“I want to emphasize that my decision to leave the company was voluntary and not as a result of any termination or dismissal whatsoever,” added Muthoni.

She clarified that the decision was reached amicably, and she is immensely grateful for the enriching experiences and friendships formed at RMS during her time.

To conclude, Hellen Muthoni’s departure from Inooro TV has left many fans and viewers wondering about her next move.

The popular gospel show host has not revealed her plans but has assured her followers that she was not fired from the station.

The TV personality has also thanked everyone who supported her during her seven-year journey at RMS.

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