Jim Valvano Family

Jim Valvano, aka James Thomas Anthony Valvona, was an American college basketball player, coach, and broadcaster. People are curious to know more about Valvono’s family after his death.

James Thomas Anthony Valvona, aka Jimmy V, was an American college basketball player, coach, and broadcaster. On April 28, 1993, jimmy died after a yearlong bout against bone Cancer. 

Jimmy died at Duke University Medical Center In Durham, N.C., with his family by his side. He was 47 at the time of death.

Jimmy’s fans are still concerned about his family, wife, and kids. Read the full article to know, Where are jimmy’s family, wife, and kids.

Where is Jim Valvano family Now?

Jim Valvano was born to Father Rocco Valvano and his mother, Angelina Valvano. Both Rocco and Angelina were of Italian descent. 

Jim had two younger brothers, Bob Valvano and Nick Valvano. Bob was also a former basketball player and basketball coach.

As of now, we have yet to learn exact knowledge about where are jimmy’s family and what they are doing.

No official news has been published about them. We hope Jimmy’s family is in sound health.

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Jimmy Valvano Wife And Kids After Their Loved One Died of Cancer.

Jimmy married his high school sweetheart Pamela Valvano in the year 1967. They got married after graduating from Rutgers University in New York. Pamela was born and raised there. 

Jim and Pamela had three childrens, LeeAnn, Nicole, and Jamie. Jim and Pamela shared a loving relationship, and they were together till their death of Jim.

After jimmy’s death, Pamela had to go through a lot. She was widowed at a young age. Her daughter, Jamie, also went through breast Cancer at 33.

Jamie Valvano, daughter of Jim Valvano with her kids.
Jamie Valvano, daughter of Jim Valvano, with her kids. (Image Source: Jamie Valvano)

Later she recovered, and now she has a child of her own. There has always been very little information about his family.

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More About Jim Valvano

Jimmy was a Point guard during his college basketball at Rutgers University. Jimmy leads his team to finish third in the 1967 National Invitation Tournament.

After graduating from Rutgers University, jimmy began his coaching career as an assistant coach at the same University. Jimmy had a successful coaching career with different schools and colleges.

 He was the head coach at North Carolina State University, and while being the head coach at North Carolina, his team won the 1983 NCAA Division I men’s basketball title.

He was the head coach of N.C. for almost ten years ( 1980-1990). He was also the head coach at lona, Bucknell, and Johns Hopkins.

After the end of his coaching career, jimmy started as a broadcaster for ESPN and ABC Sports. Jimmy won the Cable ACE Award for Commentator/Analyst for the NCAA basketball broadcast. 

An organization dedicated to Cancer research and finding a cure for Cancer. He set the organization’s motto as, “Don’t Give Up… Don’t Ever Give Up”.

Jimmy V’s Tragic Death Came Less Than 2 Months After His Iconic ESPY Speech
Less Than 2 Months Later Than His Iconic ESPY Speech, Jimmy V Tragically Passed Away. (Source: Sportcasting)

Less than two months after his speech, jimmy died at age 47 on April 28, 1993. Jimmy was a man of sheer will and dedication.

He stated during his ESPY address, “All of my physical talents can be lost to cancer, but my intellect, heart, and soul are immune. And those three things will continue indefinitely.”

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