Joanna Gosling

Joanna Gosling, a BBC presenter, became emotional as she signed off from BBC News after 23 years of service.

After working for so long in the same organization, it is normal for someone to have sentimental feelings towards the job and colleagues.

It can be difficult to say goodbye to something that has been a big part of one’s life for so long.

Journalist Joanna Marie Gosling, a television presenter for the BBC, has announced that she is leaving the broadcaster.

Where Is Joanna Gosling Going After Leaving BBC News?

Joanna Gosling, the BBC presenter, became emotional as she signed off from BBC News after 23 years of service.

During her final message, she expressed her gratitude for having had the opportunity to work at the BBC, stating that it had never felt like a job to her.

She thanked her colleagues, the audience and everyone who has been a part of her journey.

Her final words were followed by applause from the studio, highlighting the respect and admiration she had earned from her peers.

Joanna Gosling
BBC News’ Joanna Gosling speaks out after quitting during merger controversy. (Source: Express)

She is going off air on 26 January and is joining colleagues Tim Wilcox and David Eades in quitting the station.

The decision to leave the BBC comes amid the broadcaster’s plans for a new channel that will merge BBC News and BBC World News channels, as reported.

Additionally, it appears that Gosling is leaving the BBC after she was asked to audition for her job in a way that she found humiliating.

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Joanna Gosling New Job And Career Earning

Television presenter Joanna Gosling has not yet revealed what her next job would be. Before joining the BBC, she had worked as a local news reporter around the country.

She is a respected journalist and television presenter who has made a significant contribution to the world of news and media in the United Kingdom.

Her years of experience and hard work have made her a well-known figure in the industry; her colleagues and viewers will miss her.

As a successful journalist and television presenter, Joanna Gosling has likely had a high-income career.

Her years of experience and reputation in the industry make her a valuable asset to any news organization.

Although her net worth and career earning is not public, she has likely had a successful and financially rewarding career.

Joanna Gosling
Joanna Gosling on her studio. (Source: Daily Mail)

She will likely continue to be successful in her future endeavors, and her net worth may continue to grow.

According to the BBC annual report for 2021/22, Joanna Gosling’s salary was between £155,000 and £159,999.

This information is publicly available in the BBC annual report and is used to disclose the salaries of the highest-paid BBC employees.

This salary range indicates that Joanna Gosling was among the highest-paid presenters at the BBC.

This salary indicates that she has a successful career and has secured a high income as a journalist and television presenter.

Who Is Joanna Gosling Ex Husband Craig Oliver? Meet Her Children Maya And Iona

Joanna Gosling is married to her long-time boyfriend Craig Oliver. The couple got married in 1996.

Craig Oliver and Joanna Gosling got divorced in 2014. The pair spent about 18 years during their marriage.

Divorce can be a difficult and emotional process, but Joanna and Craig have been able to navigate this transition in a way that is best for them and their children.

Even though they are no longer together, they have shared the love of their daughters and that bond will remain strong.

Their hectic schedule was the cause of their split. She currently resides in west London with her three daughters.

During their marriage, they had three daughters together – Maya, Iona and Honor. Even though they are no longer together, it seems like they have a cordial relationship and are dedicated to co-parenting their daughters.

Craig Oliver is a well-known figure in the British media industry. He is a news editor, producer and media executive.

He has worked on several high-profile news programs and has held several prominent positions throughout his career.

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