Where Is John King Going

Where is John King going after leaving CNN? Dana Bash receives the ‘Inside Politics’ torch from John King as he begins a new job at CNN.

American news anchor John King. He serves as the weekday host of the roundtable political debate program Inside Politics for CNN, which is situated in Washington, D.C.

He once served as the host of John King, USA, and State of the Union.

From the time he started working for CNN in 1997 until 2005, he served as the network’s senior White House correspondent.

He was then appointed CNN’s chief national reporter in 2005, and he still holds that post today.

He has been a part of the morning show for almost ten years, and he currently hosts the weekly CNN morning program Inside Politics.

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Where Is John King Going After Leaving CNN?

Where Is John King Going After Leaving CNN? Let’s find out.

Dana Bash will succeed John King as the host of the prestigious program “Inside Politics” later this year after King accepts a new position at CNN. The television network made the announcement on Thursday.

King will take on a new job focused on voters in battleground states during the 2024 presidential election in addition to his current duties as CNN’s top national correspondent.

King will continue to be a crucial part of CNN’s election and special coverage after asking for the new job.

“Inside Politics,” which airs every day at 12 p.m. ET, will now have Bash as its anchor. She said she is “thrilled” to be doing so.

Bash and Jake Tapper will continue to co-anchor “State of the Union” together. “Inside Politics Sunday” will continue to be run by Abby Phillip.

Where Is John King Going
Where Is John King Going? (Source: The Sun)

The change is the most significant programming adjustment to CNN in recent months as Chris Licht, who became CEO last year, seeks to impose his vision on the network.

CNN made the announcement that seasoned anchor Don Lemon would leave the network earlier this week.

Previously co-hosting “CNN This Morning” with Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins, Lemon was a mainstay of the network’s prime-time lineup.

New Job And Salary Of John King

American journalist and producer John King has a $7 million net worth. John King’s report of election night on CNN is perhaps what makes him most famous.

John is the Chief National Correspondent for CNN, where he has been hosting “Inside Politics” since 2014.

King began his career as a writer when he joined the Associated Press in 1985.

King oversaw the AP’s political coverage of the 1992 and 1996 presidential elections after being elected chief political correspondent in 1991.

King covered the Gulf War in Kuwait and was awarded the top reporting honor by the Associated Press Managing Editors’ Association in 1991.

On April 17, 2013, King falsely claimed, citing law enforcement sources, that police had named a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing of April 15, 2013, and that the suspect was a dark-skinned male.

Where Is John King Going
John King exits CNN’s ‘Inside Politics’ for a new role. (Source: Celebrity Net Worth)

King was the first news organization to falsely report on this suspect identification; shortly after, Fox News falsely stated that a suspect had been detained.

For his coverage of the 2020 US presidential election, King received high praise. Inside Politics on CNN is a weekday morning program that King hosts.

Abby Phillip will take King’s place as the new Sunday anchor of Inside Politics beginning on January 24, 2021, it was announced on January 11, 2021.

Inside Politics Sunday is the name of the new program. Including Abby Phillip

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