Where Is Kerstin Lindquist Going

Where is Kerstin Lindquist going after she has decided to leave Q.V.C.? She was working as a T.V. host at Q.V.C., which is based in Pennsylvania. 

Lindquist worked in a different field before joining as an author and Journalist, and she was born in a middle-class family. Because of her family condition, she worked as a lifeguard and roller-skating snowflake at Disneyland at 14.

But, she didn’t let that affect her studies, and she continued working part-time and completed her degree. Then, after getting her degree, she worked part-time in N.B.C. show. 

Along with her career as an author and Journalist, she got involved in a television show, The West Wing, and also Real housewives in Beverly Hills. 

Lindquist always had the energy to get involved and present herself in a different field since she worked in another place when she was 14. 

Where Is Kerstin Lindquist Going After Leaving Q.V.C.?

Lindquist has confirmed that she will be leaving Q.V.C. temporally, which means she will be back. The author mentioned she would be out of the show for three months. 

She mentioned that she would return soon but had yet to mention why she stepped back from the show for three months. 

Lindquist has been in the show for a long time, she has gained many followers from the show, and they have been raising the question. 

She might be taking a break from her work for a specific time; she has been working since she was 14 and has not backed off from any position. 

Lindquist seems to have good health, and she is not leaving the show because of her health condition; she might want a vacation or to spend some time with her family and kids. 

Hopefully, she will return to the show soon and explain why she took some time off from the host position. 

Meet Her Husband, Dan Lindquist, And Family

Lindquist is married; she has been happily married to Dan Lindquist since 2003. The couple included certain people in their marriage and had a small ceremony. 

Her husband’s profession has not been disclosed publicly, and Dan has kept a low profile. Often people are not comfortable being in public and in media. 

Kerstin Lindquist and her husband Dan Lindquist in an interview.
Kerstin Lindquist and her husband Dan Lindquist in an interview. (Image Source: TODAY)

The couple has been together for an extended time and shares three children. Grace Lindquist, Georgia Lindquist and Ben Lindquist. 

The pair has yet to share much information about their children in public; they have mutually decided to keep their children out of people and media. 

But they often share pictures of them, and you can find explicit images of their children on the Internet. 

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Kerstin Lindquist Net Worth Update 

The audience is often eager to learn celebrities’ earnings and net worth, and Lindquist’s net worth has been one of the tops discussed topics. 

So, according to the Source, the updated net worth of the author is $1 million, and her primary Source of income is from her career as a T.V. host and Journalist. 

Kerstin and Dan adopts baby, then gets pregnant months later.
Kerstin and Dan adopt the baby, then get pregnant months later. (Image Source: TODAY)

Lindquist wrote a book in 2017, 5 Months Apart. She talked about motherhood in the book and mentioned the ups and downs of being a mother. 

Lindquist’ has made her career millions worth; she used to work as a lifeguard before completing a degree to support her family, working as a lifeguard to writing her book.

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