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There is a significant curiosity among viewers and admirers to know where is Kevin Karius going after leaving Global News.

Kevin Karius, the sports anchor of Global News, bid farewell to viewers and his admirers as he signed off for the last time.

After several years working for Global News, Kevin announced his departure, leaving many fans curious about his future plans.

As a well-known figure in the industry, Kevins’ departure has sparked interest in his next career move and details about his time at Global News.

One of Karius’s notable contributions to the sports world was his involvement with the Edmonton Oilers.

In this article, we will dig into where is Kevin Karius going after leaving Global News, explore his salary and net worth, and also examine the length of his tenure at the network.

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Where Is Kevin Karius Going After Leaving Global News?

As of August 10, 2023, Kevin Karius, a prominent sports anchor at Global News, has announced his departure from the network.

Karius, known for his energetic and colorful sportscasting, has been an integral part of Edmonton’s sports coverage for many years.

Joining ITV (now Global Edmonton) in 1997, Kevin Karius embarked on a remarkable broadcasting journey that spanned over two decades.

Where Is Kevin Karius Going
Global News-staff Personalities Kevin Karius (Source: Global News)

His broadcasting career actually began eight years prior in Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

Throughout his illustrious career, Karius lent his talents to various television stations, including roles in Prince Albert, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, and Calgary.

One of Karius’s notable contributions to the sports world was his involvement with the Edmonton Oilers.

Since 2003, he was a valuable member of the Oilers Radio Network, providing insightful color commentary for numerous Edmonton Oilers games.

Moreover, during the 2005-2006 season, he took on multiple roles within the Oilers Pay Per View television broadcast team, including hosting, color commentary, and play-by-play announcing.

His ability to connect with the audience and his commitment to anchoring integrity have made him a respected figure in the industry.

Considering Kevins’ experience and reputation, he may pursue various paths within the media industry. 

However, there is no official announcement regarding where Kevin Karius is going after leaving Global News, his talent and experience make it likely that he will move forward to make a significant impact in anchoring.

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Kevin Karius Salary And Net Worth Details

As a prominent anchor of Global News, Kevins’ salary and net worth have interested many. 

While the exact details of Kevin Karius’s salary and net worth are not provided in the available information.

It can be inferred that his significant career in sports broadcasting and his involvement with various high-profile events and organizations have likely contributed to his financial success.

Kevin Karius
The reporter’s live broadcast gets interrupted (Source: YouTube)

While we do not have specific figures, it is safe to assume that Kevins’ salary reflects his contribution to the success of Global News and his value as a seasoned anchoring.

As Karius bids farewell to Global News, his departure leaves a void in Edmonton’s sports reporting landscape.

His energetic and engaging approach to sportscasting and his deep involvement in charitable initiatives have made him a beloved figure both in the sports world and within the community.

While the future may hold new opportunities for Karius, his legacy as a dedicated sports anchor and philanthropist will undoubtedly continue to resonate in Edmonton and beyond.

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