Where Is Laura Ingraham Going

Rumors have been rampant claiming that the Fox News Laura Ingraham has been fired. Many people tweeted claiming that the network’s primetime host has been dismissed.

Laura Ingraham is an American television host who is widely recognized for hosting Fox News Channel show The Ingraham Angle.

The University of Virginia graduate has been hosting the show since October 2017. In addition to being a host, Ingraham is also the editor-in-chief of LifeZette.

The prominent television personality formerly hosted the popular radio show The Laura Ingraham Show. Laura has garnered significant fame and success thanks to her glorious career.

Is the Fox News host really fired? Find out how much of the rumor is true.

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Where Is Laura Ingraham Going After Leaving Fox – Is She Fired?

No, Laura Ingraham is not fired. She is still hosting shows on Fox News. The cable news blasted the online rumors saying that Ingraham is now and will always be its prominent host and integral part.

Where is Laura Ingraham Going
The rumors about Laura Ingraham’s dismissal from Fox News are false. (Image Source: Yahoo)

Ingraham’s dismissal rumor began spreading like wildfire after the Drudge Report published an article claiming Fox News was drastically changing its primetime lineup.

The Drudge Report dropped a siren-blaring headline on 17 May 2023, teasing the major scheduling changes at the cable news network.

The website also reported that Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld would also shift to prime time, and Sean Hannity would take over Tucker Carlson’s former 8 pm time slot.

Fox News spokesperson addressed the report saying there has been no decision on a new primetime lineup, and they have multiple scenarios under consideration.

A Democratic activist Jon Cooper jumped into the mix with a wild claim, “Laura Ingraham has reportedly been FIRED by Fox News. Waiting for formal confirmation by the network.”

The Democratic activist’s tweet came after Drudge Report’s reporting. Although Drudge Report never mentioned Laura’s dismissal in their report, Cooper made a wild claim.

Later, the network issues another official statement. The cable news spokesperson blasted the talk saying that reports on numerous tweets by left-wing activists are wildly inaccurate.

While referring to Laura Ingraham as a top-rated woman in cable news, the spokesperson said she is now and will always be an integral part of the Fox News lineup and a prominent host.

Laura Ingraham Joined The Fox News In 2008

Laura Ingraham joined Fox News Channel in 2008. The long-dominant cable news network gave her a three-week trial run for a new show – Just In.

Where Is Laura Ingraham Going
Laura Ingraham joined Fox News in 2008. (Image Source: The Daily Beast)

Eventually, the Glastonbury native became an integral part of the network. In October 2017, she began hosting a new Fox News Channel program, The Ingraham Angle.

Before joining Fox News, Laura served CBS as a commentator. She also hosted the MSNBC show, Watch It! She first began her television career as an MSNBC host in 1996.

Ingraham was born in Glastonbury, Connecticut, to her parents – Anne and James Frederick Ingraham III.

The 60-year-old attended Dartmouth College and majored in English literature and Russian. She graduated from the institution in 1985.

The talented television host earned her Juris Doctor 1991 from the University of Virginia. She worked as a speechwriter for President Ronal Reagan’s domestic policy advisor.

The television personality’s maternal grandparents migrated from Poland. Laura’s dad was of English and Irish descent.

The Fox News host is a proud mother of three children – Maria, Michael Dmitri, and Nikolai Peter. Laura adopted all of her kids.

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