Where Is Lionel Messi Going

With the news of Lionel Messi’s leave almost confirmed, fans have started to talk about “Where Is Lionel Messi Going?”

As people discuss the next possible destination for the greatest of all time, they have started to google, “Where Is Lionel Messi Going?”

After a career like his, multiple clubs are willing to add him to their arsenal even at the end of his career, but there will always be the financial side.

Paris Saint-German banned Lionel Messi for two weeks as the Argentine star reportedly broke the club’s rules by leaving for abroad without communicating with the club.

Even the fans of the Parisian club were upset with the world cup winner, and they gathered at the club’s offices to chant offensive words towards him.

Famous sports Journalist Fabrizio Romano also reported that the Argentine star will leave the French capital at the end of the season, and the search for his next club has already begun.

Where Is Lionel Messi Going After Leaving PSG? New Club And Contract

Fans are asking, “Where Is Lionel Messi Going?” as the rumor of Lionel Messi’s exit is almost certainly true.

People have started to google “Where Is Lionel Messi Going?” as they speculate about the greatest of all time’s upcoming location.

The prime destination for the no 30 of PSG is Barcelona. It is no doubt that Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona are one of the biggest love stories in football, and due to financial reasons, they had to split up two years ago.

After spending two years of the contract in Paris, Lionel Messi hopes to return home. Even the fans of the Catalan club have expressed their wishes for a Messi return as they continue to chant the names of the GOAT during the 10th minute of every home game.

Screenshot 2023 05 03 at 18 1
PSG ultra’s outside the club offices expressing their frustration with Lionel Messi. (Source: CaughtOffside)

With the amount of love Messi has in Barcelona, it will be favorable for him and his family to return to Spain. But as always in Barcelona, there will have to be a deep financial study to ensure they can afford to have him back.

Even Messi’s good friend and teammate Neymar is also looking for a way out of the club as fans also expressed their unhappiness with the Brazilian winger. They gathered in front of his House to shout chants at him.

Reports suggest that Messi will spend the two weeks of suspension in Barcelona as he often does. Lionel Messi takes advantage of every opportunity to visit Spain and his old teammates at FC Barcelona.

Inter Miami Could Also Be An Option

Star English footballer David Beckham now owns the American football club Inter Miami FC. The charismatic English midfielder has always expressed his admiration for Lionel Messi and his wishes to have him join his club.

It would be a good deal for both parties, as having such a great player would open many marketing opportunities for the American club. At the same time, Lionel Messi would get to spend the remainder of his career in the all-famous American lifestyle.

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David Beckham pays a visit to PSG as Inter Miami chase Lionel Messi transfer. (Source: Mirror)

When David Beckham visited Lionel Messi at the PSG training last week, amidst the rumors, people speculated that he might have seen with dreams of persuading Lionel.

But as of now, there is yet to be confirmed as bringing a world champion to your club is a very tough ask.

The season is about to end, and the transfer window will be famous as the question of Messi’s future will be answered.

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