Where Is Marianne Dimain Going

Many people are asking, “Where is Marianne Dimain going?” following her announcement to leave the Global News.

Marianne Dimain, a seasoned Canadian journalist, dedicated over a decade to Global News, serving as a reporter and anchor for programs like Global News Morning and Global News in Toronto.

Recently, the reporter made an announcement that sent ripples through her fan base, signaling her departure from the network.

Naturally, her admirers are now eager to discover where her career is headed, along with the intriguing question of her new job and expected salary. Let’s explore all the available details regarding her journey.

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Where Is Marianne Dimain Going? Is She Leaving Global News?

Yes. the fan-favorite reporter for Global Toronto’s local morning news program, Global News Morning, is leaving the network.

Where Is Marianne Dimain Going
Canadian journalist or reporter Marianne Dimain is leaving Global News after 13 years of journey. (Image Source: YouTube)

On 20 October 2023, Marianne Dimain disclosed her decision to leave Global News, marking the end of a remarkable 13-year tenure.

The journalist’s professional journey with the Global Toronto news team began in March 2010 when she assumed the role of a general assignment reporter.

The official Global News platform also confirmed her departure and celebrated her career with a heartfelt video on 21 October.

This marked a bittersweet farewell for the Global News Morning team, as Marianne Dimain had become an enduring fixture in the Toronto news landscape.

The Canadian journalist’s career, which took root in radio as a reporter and news anchor for 680News in Toronto, eventually led her to CityTV, where she contributed as a reporter for CityNews and anchored CP24.

Her journey culminated when she joined Global News in 2008, covering a spectrum of stories that included the G20 summit, the Toronto van attack, the Yonge Street shooting, and the pivotal coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Marianne Dimain New Job And Salary

Marianne Dimain has not revealed where she is going after leaving Global News or her new job and salary.

As a result, the veil of secrecy surrounds Dimain’s post-Global News career; the prominent reporter has remained tight-lipped about her new job and any specifics regarding her anticipated salary.

Where Is Marianne Dimain Going
Marianne Dimain has not shared details about her next career move and salary. (Image Source: X)

On her final day with the network, the Global News reporter revealed that she would be taking some time to navigate her next professional move, exuding excitement about the future.

In the midst of her departure, Marianne extended her gratitude to her colleagues, viewers, and sources, acknowledging their unwavering support and trust throughout her journey.

Furthermore, Dimain is undoubtedly a respected and accomplished journalist, and her absence will leave a void in the industry. The best wishes of many accompany her as she embarks on new endeavors.

While her new job and salary details remain elusive, a glimpse into the industry suggests that a reporter working for Global News in Canada typically earns an average annual salary of approximately CA$80,000, according to Glassdoor.

Given Marianne’s extensive experience and expertise, assuming that her new compensation will likely meet or exceed this industry standard is reasonable.

As the curtain falls on her chapter with Global News, the next stage of her career holds much anticipation and intrigue, both for the seasoned journalist herself and her countless admirers eagerly awaiting news of her next move.

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