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Where is Mike Witcher Going? Everyone is eager to know about the meteorologist’s new job, as his last day at WBIR is May 5, 2023.

Mike Witcher is an American meteorologist who is famous for serving at WBIR-TV. Witcher have gained broad experience by working in various stations.

Furthermore, Mike has worked in this field for over a decade and is still doing well professionally. Meanwhile, he started working as a morning meteorologist for WBIR in 2005.

Mike stayed in that role until 2014, when he took a job opening at WeatherNation TV in Denver. Due to his amazing work, Mike has also gained many well-wishers.

Everyone is now asking questions regarding Mike’s next venture as his departure from WBIR was announced. 

Where Is Mike Witcher Going After Leaving WBIR?

Mike Witcher is leaving WBIR and is getting engaged in a new adventure, but none of the media outlets are aware of his new venture.

The departure news of Mike from the WBIR station has already been announced, which left WBIR viewers sad. Following his departure from the station, everyone is eager to know about the next step of his life.

Where Is Mike Witcher Going
Mike Witcher is leaving WBIR and is starting a new venture. ( Source: Facebook )

However, Mike himself has not announced anything regarding his topic. But he has said he will give more updates about his next step soon. So, to get updated with his upcoming plans, we can follow him on social media handles like Facebook and Instagram.

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Mike Witcher New Job After Leaving WBIR

Mike Witcher is leaving WBIR after spending his time in the station for almost a decade. His last day on the station is on May 5, 2023, and his new job has not been shared yet.

Mike has said that he will not be leaving East Tennessee. So, his actual job after leaving WBIR has not been announced, leaving viewers concerned. 

Due to that, it can’t be said whether he will leave this field or will continue working as a meteorologist. After leaving WBIR on May 5, he will spend time with his family and take rest for some time.

Mike Witcher New Job
Mike Witcher is not leaving East Tennessee. ( Source: Twitter )

So, we will surely give some updates regarding Witcher’s next job or other venture. You can keep visiting Genius Celebs for further updates.

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Mike Witcher Salary as a Meteorologist

Mike Witcher has been working as a meteorologist for a long time, and his salary may be pretty impressive. However, the actual payment remains under review.

In the United States of America, a person working as a meteorologist earns $106,044 on average. The amount may also fall between $81,919 and $131,654.

So, it can be said that Witcher may be earning in the same range from his profession as he has been in this field for a long time. 

Mike Witcher wbir
Mike Witcher has been working as a meteorologist for a long time, and most recently, he was at WBIR. ( Source: WBIR )

Moreover, Mike has worked in many stations and has indeed preserved a net worth in the six figures. From July 2000 to July 2022, Witcher served at KJCT-TV, and after that, he moved to work at KOAA-TV.

From September 2014 to May 2017, Mike worked at Weather Nation in Denver, Colorado. Due to his work in multiple stations, he has gained broad experience. 

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