Where Is Sophy Ridge Going

Where Is Sophy Ridge Going? This query has been trending since the veteran broadcasting person of Sunday was announced leaving the show.

Sophy Arabella Ridge, an English broadcast journalist, has gained recognition for her contributions to Sky News.

She has been the “Sophy Ridge on Sunday” presenter since 2017. In 2022, she also launched her program called “The Take with Sophy Ridge.”

A recent development has occurred as Sir Trevor Phillips will take over from Sophy Ridge as the host of Sky News’ flagship Sunday morning politics show.

This change comes after the show’s cancellation, part of a broader reshuffling of Sky’s news programs.

After a tenure of six years, Ridge will be stepping back from her role on the Sunday morning show.

Now, after this news surfaced on the Internet, people are excited to learn where she will go after leaving Sky News. Let’s get to that answer.

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Where Is Sophy Ridge Going After Leaving Sky News?

Sophy Ridge will conclude her six-year tenure on the Sunday morning show as part of a larger restructuring of Sky’s news programs.

Sir Trevor Phillips has been announced as her successor, taking over as the new host of Sky News’ prominent Sunday morning politics show.

Where Is Sophy Ridge Going
Sophy Ridge bids farewell to her Sunday morning show and moves on to host a new politics program (Source: Sky News)

Simultaneously, Ridge will embark on a new venture, hosting a weekday political show called “The Politics Hub with Sophy Ridge.”

Sir Phillips, a seasoned news anchor and former politician, aged 69, temporarily replaced Ridge during her maternity leave in 2021.

This notable accomplishment made him the first person of color to host a leading UK politics show.

Sir Trevor expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to succeed Sophy and host the Sunday morning politics show, acknowledging the exciting political landscape.

With upcoming significant elections, both domestically and internationally, he looks forward to collaborating with the skilled Sky team.

Meanwhile, Ridge shared the news of the cancellation of “Sophy Ridge on Sunday” on Twitter, expressing her disbelief and gratitude for hosting the show.

She thanked her viewers for making it a part of their Sunday routine, emphasizing that she cherished the experience.

She also announced her forthcoming new show on Sky News, which will air every weeknight at 7 pm, promising more interviews.

Sophy Ridge: What Happened To Her On Sunday

Sophy Ridge’s departure from “Sophy Ridge on Sunday” resulted from the broader restructuring of Sky’s news programs.

This restructuring involved various changes, such as Ian King Live being transformed into two half-hour shows now called Business Live.

Moreover, Sky News Today underwent adjustments and runs from 12 pm until 5 pm as part of the overall reshuffling.

Ridge, born in Richmond upon Thames, London, comes from a family of teachers. She has a younger brother.

Where Is Sophy Ridge Going
Sophy Ridge is leaving the Sunday morning show because of Sky’s more extensive restructuring programs (Source: Sky News)

During her final year, she undertook work experience at the tabloid newspaper News of the World, leading to her joining their graduate training program.

After graduating in 2006, Ridge was a trainee reporter for the now-defunct News of the World. She then served as a consumer affairs correspondent in 2009.

Later in 2011, Sophy secured a position as a political correspondent at Sky News, and in 2017, Ridge hosted her show, Sophy Ridge on Sunday.

That same year, she published her debut book, The Women Who Shaped Politics, a non-fiction work exploring women’s contributions to British politics.

Additionally, Ridge commenced writing a weekly column for the tabloid newspaper Metro.

While the recent news of her departure from her long-run program sounds sad, her followers are now more excited to watch her start a new phase of her life.

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