Where Is Ylan Mui Going

Where Is Ylan Mui Going? Many audiences have shown their concern by questioning the departer of this regular face on CNBC. Many want to learn about her quitting whereabouts after serving many years.

Likewise, Mui is a professional and well-experienced reporter whose fluent and bold delivery on various concerns is often seen on-screen making her a famous television personality.

As CNBC’s Senior Congressional Correspondent, she actively focused on Capitol Hill and economic policy reporting at the network’s bureau in Washington, D.C. However, her departure news has shocked many.

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Is Ylan Mui Going To Leaving CNBC?

Ylan Mui is leaving CNBC after serving for long years in the television sector, making a colossal impact and support from audiences from around the world.

She often discussed the economic policies and regulatory policies of the presidential administration.

A CNBC Correspondent , Ylan Mui is all set for her new venture but is yet to disclose it in detail
A CNBC Correspondent, Ylan Mui, is all set for her new venture but is yet to disclose it in detail (Source- CNBC)

Likewise, she has been the prompt reporter on-screen since 2017, and many audiences were attached to her reporting and analysis. But when her news of dismissal on the platform came ahead, many were sad to learn the information.

Mui confirmed her departure through her Twitter account, where she declared her last day on CNBC was on 20th January 2023. As she has served in the sector for around five years, she thanks the CNBC platform for the opportunity.

She further writes about how grateful she feels for having amazing colleagues to teach the ropes of TV and for their support and friendship over the previous six years. 

Even CNBC’s official site has mentioned her departure from her position after dedicating her effort for many years.

Where Is Ylan Mui Going After Leaving CNBC?

Ylan Mui has been a prominent face as a television personality following her profession as a reporter as she departed from her CNBC position; many wonders where she will work.

Similarly, Mui has mentioned being ready for a new adventure. She seems to have found some good opportunities following her profession and may have switched her profession for further progress.

Even though she has mentioned being ready for another step, she has yet to mention her position and Company. Shortly when she joins the place, she may share the information publicly, which will be acknowledged too.

She has said good things about her previous Company, mentioned learning good things there, and is about to leave the position on a good note.

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A CNBC Correspondent , Ylan Mui is a experience television personality accumulating viwers worldwide
A CNBC Correspondent, Ylan Mui is an experience television personality who has accumulated viewers worldwide (Source- CNBC)

Ylan Mui Career Earning And Net Worth As Of 2023

According to numerous sources on the internet, Ylan Mui holds a whopping net worth of around 1 to 7 million dollars from her profession as of 2023.

She is a famous reporter with a long experience in her field, backed by a degree in communications and a double minor in biology and philosophy.

Mui’s talent was acknowledged through her profession when she served on The Washington Post for over a decade and CNBC for more than five years. With her experience, she is currently positioned at the senior level.

Even though she has not shared her salary details, her gradual promotion to the position has earned her a considerable amount. Before that, she initiated her career as a receptionist and obituary writer at The Times-Picayune in New Orleans.

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