Andrew Buen and Kyle Gould

Two Colorado sheriff’s deputies, Andrew Buen and Kyle Gould are charged with November 23, 2022, ******** ***** of a 22-year-old man.

Christian Glass was killed by two sheriffs while standing on the side of the road while experiencing an apparent mental health crisis.

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After months of investigation, it was learned that Buen and Gould were involved in the ****** of a 22-year-old innocent man.

The news has taken the interest of every other person; it has been trending on the internet. 

Many viewers have been curious about the reason behind the incident and more about Buen and Gould. This article will be a clear help for you to learn more.

Who Are Andrew Buen And Kyle Gould?

Andrew Buen and Kyle Gould are two sheriff’s deputies from Colorado who have been arrested after being involved in killing a 22-year-old man.

They were indicted by a grand jury and fired for a long time; a sheriff’s deputy killing someone innocent is a breaking a rule. 

So, they might be arrested and fired forever; they have raised their uniform by ******** an innocent man struggling with mental health.


Two Clear Creek County Sheriff's involved in ******.
Two Clear Creek County Sheriff’s involved in the ******. (Source: 9News)

Both have been charged and arrested for ******** and killing Glass. Buen was set at a $50,000 bond. At the same time, the Bond for Gould was set at $2,500. 

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Two Clear Creek Deputies, Andrew Buen, and Kyle Gould Arrested For ****** Of Christian Glass

According to court documents, both men have been facing felony charges for being involved in the deadly ******** of Christian Glass, who was killed in June 2022.

Buen has been charged with second-degree ******, and Gould was charged with criminally negligent homicide, including other charges.

 CCSO also fired both Buen and Gould, who are now held in Gilpin County jail.

When the event occurred, the victim got his car stuck on a mountain road near Silver Plume and dialed 911 for assistance. Two deputies were dispatched to assist him.

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But unfortunately, the victim was killed in the middle of the road. The investigation was done by Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, which is still going on. 

Grand Jury indicts 2 Clear Creek deputies in ***** of Christian Glass
Grand Jury indicts 2 Clear Creek deputies in the ***** of Christian Glass. (Image Source: 9News)

New Zealand and British governments also have different investigations and resulting criminal processes as the victim; Glass was a citizen.

According to the officer, glass passed away in the front seat of his car while holding a knife in a way that suggested he was about to stab them.

But the officer might share the wrong information to get out of the case. Both the Police claimed that he was afraid to get out of the car, and they asked him to get out for a long time.

But he was afraid of getting shot by Police; after a long time, Glass came outside carrying the knife. He came towards them, showing the blade, so one of the officers shot six times in self-defense, per the autopsy report.

Unfortunately, both of them got arrested, and hopefully, more information regarding the incident will get cleared. 

But the investigation is still going on, and more information needs to be now. The investigator does not believe what the Police have to say in their defense. 

If more people are involved in the case, they should be found as soon as possible. 

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