Avi Sharma

Who are Avi Sharma parents? The Indian boy Avi Sharma rose to fame after appearing on season 17 of Apprentice.

Avi Sharma is a banker, and as the young boy appeared on The Apprentice last month, people are curious to know more about him and his family.

The Apprentice is a British reality show that has been running since 2005 and is currently in its 17th season.

The show tests the brains of those elite business-minded candidates who compete to win a job that pays a six-figure salary.

Sir Alan Sugar tests the nerves of these contenders, and Avi Sharma happens to be the youngest one this season.

As all fresh groups of participants competed for Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment in the show, Avi was also very self-assured and shocked the audience with his brilliant mind.

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Who Are Avi Sharma Parents?

Avi Sharma has not revealed any details about his parents. Descending from India, his father and mother are Indian; however, the ex-banker hails from London.

Sharma is a young and ambitious individual determined to change his career by participating in the popular television show, The Apprentice.

He previously worked as a banker in London, but he eventually found the job unfulfilling and views it as a “rat race.”

Avi Sharma previously worked as a banker in London.
Avi Sharma previously worked as a banker in London (Source: The Sun)

Avi is the youngest contestant among the hopefuls trying to win over Lord Alan Sugar and become his business partner. 

Sharma is a confident person who is self-assured and capable of spreading positivity, as he claims he can bring a smile to even the grimmest of faces.

Avi’s confidence, charm, and youthful energy are likely to be a unique addition to the show, and he has set his sights on securing a bright future by impressing Lord Sugar.

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Details On The Family Of Avi Sharma, The Young Boy From The Apprentice

Avi Sharma has shared very limited information about his family; however, while analyzing his Instagram posts, it looks like he has two sisters- Mya Sharma and Ravina.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Sharma studied economics at the University of Nottingham but spent most of his university years clubbing.

Avi Sharma studied economics at the University of Nottingham
Sharma studied economics at the University of Nottingham (Source: The Tab)

He used his creativity and resourcefulness to sell club tickets, teaming up with a computer science student to purchase thousands of tickets instantly.

After university, Sharma landed a high-paying job at Barclays in Canary Wharf, where he quickly became an Assistant Vice-President.

The ex-Barclays was, however, not satisfied with his job and decided to pursue his passion, thus launching Avi TV.

The BBC Apprentice candidate runs a YouTube Channel, Avi TV, focusing on business, wealth, and success.

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What Is The Net Worth Of Avi Sharma?

The net worth of Avi Sharma is yet to be declared. Avi’s hard work and determination caught the attention of the producers of BBC’s The Apprentice.

If he becomes the show’s winner, he gets a £250,000 investment into his business idea and a 50/50 partnership with Alan Sugar.

Despite receiving an ultimatum from Barclays to choose between the show and his job, the young man chose to leap of faith.

Avi's determination caught the attention of the producers of BBC's The Apprentice
Avi’s determination caught the attention of the producers of BBC’s The Apprentice (Source: UK Daily News)

The show airs every Thursday at 9 p.m. on BBC One and runs for 12 weeks. The anticipated season finale is scheduled for March 23, 2023, and will reveal the season 17 champion.

Avi’s experience, finance background, and expertise in balancing budgets are likely to be an advantage in making him a strong contender in the show and set him apart from the other contestants.

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