Cecily Aguilar Parents

Cecily Aguilar parents gave birth to her in Jackson, Michigan, USA. Their whereabouts are unheard of publically, so it seems like she was raised without them since her younger days due to unknown reasons.

Likewise, Aguilar is under legal procedure as a federal grand jury accused her of the disappearance of U.S. Army associate Vanessa Guillen.

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Since she has been detained for the case, many people have followed up with the proceeding.

As the case has gone trending all over the media outlets, many people have kept a keen interest in learning her whereabouts and family background too!

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Who Are Cecily Aguilar Parents?

Cecily Aguilar has been known for her connection with the ****** of Vanessa Guillen.

Not much is disclosed about her background through court documents, mainly relating to her parents.

Cecily Aguilar pleads guilty, facing up to 30 years: Mayra Guillen
Cecily Aguilar pleads guilty, facing up to 30 years: Mayra Guillen (Source- Youtube)

According to Conan Daily, Aguilar was born in the United States Of America in Jackson, Michigan. It has been mentioned that she joined the foster care system in 2010.

Also, in 2014, she went on to live at a park in Jackson. When observing such a sequence, it looks like her parents were not there for her care and nurture.

She has attended different schools following her academic path during the different courses.

Her sponsor must have been done by any funder related to the foster home or the relative, as her parent’s mention is unclear.

Is Cecily Aguilar In Jail? Arrest And Charge

Cecily Aguilar was in jail for investigation. Following her charges, she was claimed guilty to four felony charges that can now land her in prison for up to 30 years.

This case has been a significant highlight recently.

In this case, she may be penalized with fines of up to 1 million dollars and up to twelve years of federal supervision after her release from prison.

Moreover, she was documented with an eleven-count superseding charge for assisting her boyfriend, Army Spc.

With that, the accusation was charged with one count of a plot to fiddle with documents or proceedings.

Also, she was accused of her likely involvement with her then-boyfriend Aaron Robinson in settling Guillen’s body before the remains were suppressed in surface burials.

Civilian suspect in Vanessa Guillen case faces federal judge for the first time
Civilian suspect in Vanessa Guillen case faces federal judge for the first time (Source- KHOU)

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Cecily Aguilar Story On Netflix documentary film “I Am Vanessa Guillen.” 

Cecily Aguilar’s story and the case’s whereabouts have been portrayed in the Netflix documentary “I Am Vanessa Guillen.” It was released on November 17, 2022.

During the release of this piece, she was twenty-four years old, and her case got wider noterioty resulting in numerous searches and hype. 

Every detailed sensitive information throughout the case has been showcased by the director, Christy Wegener, which also indicates the story behind the killing of the 20-year-old soldier Vanessa Guillen on an army base.

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