Olivia Plath parents

Olivia Plath Parents: “Welcome to Plathville” star hails from a big family. Like her husband, she also grew up in a conservative family.

Olivia Plath is a well-known reality television show star who is widely recognized for her appearance on the TLC series Welcome to Platville.

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She appeared in the series with her husband. The famous TLC show follows the ultraconservative family and their life. Plath is a professional wedding photographer who often shares her beautiful works on social media.

Significant concern has been about the reality TV star’s parents and family. Here is everything we know in regard.

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Who Are Don And Karen Meggs? Olivia Plath Parents And Family Tree

Olivia Plath was born on 25 April 1998. The Welcome to Platville famed personality has shared only a few details about her family.

She reportedly grew up in a conservative family. Her parents – Don and Karen Meggs – have ten children in total.

Olivia Plath Parents
The Meggs siblings – Olivia Plath’s parents had a total of ten children. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

As reported by Screen Rant, to continue her journey of self-discovery and acceptance, Olivia mostly maintained her distance from many of her family members.

One of her brothers, Nathan Meggs, was introduced in Welcome to Plathville season 4. Nathan relocated to Florida with Olivia, Ethan, and Moria Plath.

Nathan wanted more independence and freedom. The siblings share a close-knitted bond.

Moreover, the Meggs family adhered to the philosophy that couples should not use birth control. Instead, let God determine the number of children they should have.

It was one of the common things Olivia’s family had with her husband Ethan Plath’s family.

The Families who adhere to this ideology are called “Quiverfull” families. The Meggs were introduced and discussed their ideas and Plathville-style conservative way of life in part one of the documentaries – American Family Revival.

Olivia Plath Father Is A Software Development Engineer

Welcomed to Plathville star’s father, Don Megg, is a software development engineer. On the other hand, her mother is a devoted housewife.

Don worked for a Fortune 500 company in Delaware before deciding to relocate to Roanoke, Virginia, where he decided to work for a smaller company to have more land for his growing family.

The Meggs have their own farmhouse and reside on a few acres of farmland. The family enjoys keeping cows and chicks.

Olivia Plath’s parents believed it was crucial to instill a sense of the value of hard labor and an understanding of the origins of food in their children.

The kids were homeschooled by Karen, who thought they didn’t need to sit at a table to learn because they could learn from their surroundings.

Furthermore, the reality TV star’s mother ensured the children’s education focused on developing responsibility and independence. Karen taught Olivia and her older sister to handle the monthly food budget and prepare meals.

Olivia Plath’s Brother Micah Titus Meggs *****

The Welcome to Plathville star Olivia Plath’s brother, Micha Titus Meggs, was killed on 4 May 2023 when a car struck him while riding his electric bike.

Olivia Plath parents
Olivia Plath’s younger brother, Micah Meggs, was the ninth of ten children of their parents. (Image Source: Page Six)

Micah Meggs, 15 years old, died at the scene in Franklin County, Virginia. The Meggs family revealed Micah had cerebral palsy and the brachial plexus during birth.

Olivia Plath also informed about the tragic incident through an Instagram story. She said, “Last night, I lost my younger brother in an unexpected accident, and I need some time and space to grieve.”

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