Jorge Masvidal parents

 Jorge Masvidal is unquestionably one of the top UFC fighters. People want to know about Jorge Masvidal Parents

The Cuban-Peruvian, born and raised in Miami, Florida, was destined to be a warrior.

‘Gamebred’ has undoubtedly gone a long way from his days as a notorious young boy to his current position as one of the UFC’s most well-liked competitors.

Jorge was swiftly sucked into the world of fighting as a teenager. In addition, Jorge started street fighting before he even graduated from high school.

Unfortunately, Masvidal was expelled from St. Brendan High School due to poor academics. Masvidal thus started his mixed martial arts and karate training.

One of the most successful fighters on the planet is Jorge Masvidal. He is indebted to those who have faith in him for their accomplishment.

In light of this, let’s look more closely at Jorge Masvidal parents and how they shaped the guy he is today.

Jorge Masvidal Parents: Who Are Mama Dukes And Jorge Masvidal Sr.?

Jorge came from an extremely challenging family. In a homemade raft, his father, Jorge Masvidal Sr., fled Cuba and arrived on the Virgin Islands.

Masvidal Sr. eventually found his way to Miami, where he started a new life as a construction worker. Unfortunately, Masvidal Srpast eventually caught up with him and was soon imprisoned.

Manslaughter and drug trafficking accusations led to the arrest of Masvidal Sr. is currently on supervised release, according to reports.

Jorge Masvidal parents
Jorge Masvidal parents. (Source: Essentially Sports)

Mama Dukes, Jorge’s mother, struggled mightily to support her small son and herself. Mama Dukes did her best to sell beads to support herself and her son.

She added that his Father was in the military and that he was only able to learn the truth when he was 13 years old.

Masvidal Sr. and Mama Dukes’ relationship status is now unknown, but according to Jorge, they are both still very important to him.

Mama could support her son with the aid of her family despite the situation.

She is so well deserving of praise for what her son has accomplished to date. She has, in a sense, single-handedly preserved Jorge Masvidal’s family.

Who is Jorge Masvidal Ex-Girlfriend, Iman Kawa?

According to what is recorded, Jorge Masvidal previously dated Iman Kawa for ten years. The well-known MMA agent Malki and Anthony Kawa’s sister is Iman Kawa.

Jorge and Iman’s connection was quite well-known, and the fighter even appeared on her YouTube channel. The couple has three kids: two daughters and a son.

Jorge Masvidal parents
Jorge Masvidal’s ex-girlfriend Iman Kawa. (Source: Republic World)

With the exception of her relationship with Jorge, Iman has a successful career. She runs her YouTube channel, “Better Than Your Mother’s,” and is a successful businesswoman and chef.

Despite having three children together, Jorge and Iman apparently never got married. Moreover, Jorge’s frequent affairs and difficulties committing fully to the partnership caused the couple to break up as recently as 2018.

How Much Net Worth Does Jorge Masvidal Have? 

Jorge doesn’t seem to have revealed anything about his wealth, indicating that he might be a little coy on the subject.

Jorge’s estimated net worth in 2022 will be more than $6 million, per Celebrity Net Worth. However, the athlete themselves must still verify this information.

In his pictures on social media, Jorge appears wealthy and enjoys living a high life while spending his money like a king.

Jorge Masvidal parents
Jorge Masvidal was born and raised in Miami by a Peruvian mother and a Cuban Father. (Source: Internet)

More than 3 million people follow him on Instagram as @gamebredfighter. With his loved ones, he frequently posts pictures of his games, workouts, and other activities.

The athlete seems to be fairly active there, as evidenced by the frequent updates to his profile and the articles he publishes.

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