Kaylin Gillis Parents

Kaylin Gillis, a young woman from upstate New York, was shot and killed in Hebron, Saratoga County, on Saturday night. After her tragic *****, people are searching for details about Kaylin Gillis Parents.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office claims that Kaylin and three companions were searching for a friend’s house while driving around in a car when they turned into the incorrect driveway.

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The owner of that property fired a shot that hit Kaylin, instantly killing her, probably out of fear of a possible burglary.

The terrible ***** of Kaylin serves as a distressing reminder of the dangers of gun violence and the necessity of proper gun ownership.

In the meantime, Kaylin’s family and friends continue to grieve the loss of a young life that was tragically cut short. After her *****, many people are invested to learn more about her personal life.

Hence, via this article, let’s get to know more about Kaylin Gillis’ parents, her family background, and her family tree.

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Who Are Kaylin Gillis Parents Angelique And Andrew?

Kaylin Gillis’ parents, Angelique Gillis, and Andrew Gillis are extremely heartbroken and shattered as they lost their young, loving, and hard-working daughter.

The pain they are dealing with right now is unimaginable and they have been seeking privacy and space.

Likewise, the parents of Kaylin Gillis, 20, who was shot and died after the car she was in went up the wrong driveway in upstate New York on Saturday night, paid heartfelt tributes to their daughter.

In separate Facebook posts on Tuesday, Angelique and Andrew Gillis recalled their daughter as a “beautiful soul” who had “so many dreams and so much to live for” before she tragically passed away by a gunshot from the homeowner in Washington County.

Kaylin Gillis Parents
Kaylin Gillis with her mother, Angelique, and her father, Andrew. (Source: Facebook)

Speaking of her parents’ professional backgrounds, while her mother, served as a waitress and bartender at The Merc, her father, Andrew’s work is not known yet but he attended Schuylerville Central School.

Both Angelique and Andrew shared with the public through their social media handles that they were heartbroken and devasted after losing their daughter.

Kaylin Gillis’ father wrote, “Anyone who was fortunate enough to know Kaylin would attest that she is a good, lovely spirit and a beam of sunshine.

She was a dedicated friend, a big sister, an adored daughter, and the companion of her adoring lover. She was learning how to navigate the world with grace, humor, and love.”

Likewise, her mother Angelique wrote on her Facebook account, “I’m lost. I’m shattered. I can’t find words to express my gratitude for everyone’s love and support.

My beautiful child didn’t deserve this. She had so many dreams and aspirations. She was the reason for our existence. Thank you everyone for your love & support.

Kaylin Gillis Family Tree And Personal Life

Kaylin Gillis leaves behind her two grieving parents, two sisters, her long-term partner, three grandparents, and a large extended family.

Alongside being a loving daughter, Kaylin Gillis was a doting elder sister of Lilliana and Madilyn. Her paternal grandmother was Carol Gillis and her maternal grandparents were Jack and Susan Amodeo.

Kaylin Gillis Parents
Kaylin Gillis; tragic and untimely ***** has greatly impacted her family’s life. (Source: Facebook)

Furthermore, Kaylin was a loving partner as well. She was in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend Blake Walsh. The two shared a tight-knit bond and were together for several years.

After her demise, Blake is also devasted and heartbroken. He has been sharing several posts regarding Kaylin and is greiving her loss.

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