Rachel Mellon Skemp Parents

Rachel Mellon Skemp was born to parents Jeff and Amy Skem in Melrose Park, IL. On January 31, 1996, she vanished while home sick with her stepfather. Is she found?

Rachel Mellon Skemp was a cheerful and vibrant young girl with a fantastic sense of humor.

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Even though things at home were frequently chaotic, she always managed to maintain a happy attitude.

Rachel attended Bernard J. Ward Middle School and was an honor student at the time of her disappearance.

According to several of her friends, she was always the most stunning female in the room and the life of the Party.

When Rachel entered the 7th grade at B.J. Ward Middle School in the fall of 1995, she was a bright and intelligent girl who had been an honor student.

Additionally, she was well-liked in school, thought to have a wonderful sense of humor, and exuberant and joyful.

Skemp had developed a love for music, dancing, and singing in addition to her enthusiasm for recycling and the environment.

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Who Are Rachel Mellon Skemp Parents Jeff And Amy Skem?

Mellon Skemp was born to parents Amy and Jeff Skemp in Melrose Park, Illinois. A smile appeared to be permanently imprinted on Rachel’s face from birth.

Her parents were youth leaders here at First Baptist Church. She rapidly became the young group’s mascot.

Her parents argued when she was eight years old in 1990. When Rachel was three years old, her parents divorced, and she went to Bolingbrook, where she joined the Skemp and Mellon families.

Rachel Mellon Skemp Parents
Mellon Skemp was born to parents Amy and Jeff Skemp in Melrose Park, Illinois (Source: Medium)

After the divorce of her parents, her mother remarried Vincent Mellon. Amy and Vincent welcomed two additional children shortly after their weddings: Jason in 1988 and Ashley in 1990.

The Mellon family resided at 612 Melissa Drive in Bolingbrook, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, about 30 miles away.

In the spring of 1995, five years later, Rachel left her House and wrote in a note that she was frightened her younger brothers would accuse her of breaking anything.

That night, she slept outside her friend’s home. The following day, she called her step-grandparents, who picked her up and drove her back home.

In Bolingbrook, Rachel attended Tibbott Elementary School and B. J. Ward Middle School, where she excelled academically.

She made a small circle of close friends while she was a student at Tibbott, and they remained close until Rachel vanished. This gang comprised Carrie, Chris, Jenny, John, Matt, and Steve.

Is Missing Woman Rachel Mellon Skemp Found?

Rachel Mellon Skemp is not found yet. She disappeared while staying home sick with her stepfather on January 31, 1996, according to Abc7chicago

She was last seen alive in her family’s Bolingbrook home while she missed school due to being sick.

The only other person present that day was her stepfather Vincent Mellon.

Rachel Mellon Skemp Parents
Rachel Mellon Skemp disappeared while staying home sick with her stepfather on January 31, 1996 (Source: Abc7chicago)

Over a year before she disappeared in 1996, Rachel ran away and spent time at a friend’s House.

Soon after leaving, she voluntarily went back home. Authorities don’t think she escaped in 1996. She kept a diary, which the Police examined after she vanished.

At the time of Rachel Skemp’s disappearance, her Father, Jeff Skemp, was a resident of Dallas, Texas. When Rachel was a young child, he and Amy had divorced. According to Skemp, Rachel called his mother on the day she vanished.

Since Rachel was not permitted to speak to her grandma, he claimed that this was unusual for Rachel.

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