Tricia Lee And Walter Lee

Fans are interested in learning more about Tricia Lee And Walter Lee as they were arrested for kidnapping Gerald Bennett.

From 2009 until 2017, Gerald, an American politician and businessman represented Montana’s 1st district in the House of Representatives.

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St. Regis Paper Co., W.R. Grace, Taylor Logging, Sunrise Rental, Valley Motor, and S.J. Orr Service are just a few of the organizations for which Bennett has worked. He ran a septic service and rented out portable restrooms as a businessman.

Bennett won the election on November 4, 2008, and was subsequently elected as a Republican to the Montana House of Representatives for District 1, which covers Libby. With 59.65% of the vote, he defeated Freeman W. Johnson and Eileen J. Carney.

He prevailed over Eileen J. Carney on November 2, 2010, as an incumbent and kept his position as the representative for District 1. He received 71.34% of the vote.

As an incumbent, he was elected without any challengers on November 6, 2012. Gerald won the election on November 4, 2014, defeating Donald Coats with 75.68% of the vote.

Bennett served as the majority whip in the 2015–2016 legislative year. Bennett won the election for the second district of the Lincoln County Commission on November 8, 2016. He triumphed over Rhoda Cargill.

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Who Are Tricia Lee And Walter Lee? Couple Arrested And Charged For Kidnapping Gerald Bennett

A Raleigh County guy is allegedly kidnapped and severely injured by a married couple from Mercer County, Tricia Lee and Walter Lee.

Walter Lee and Tricia Lee are accused of numerous crimes, including kidnapping and intentionally inflicting harm. The two were taken into custody on December 7, 2022, according to trooper Z.A.

Hatfield of the West Virginia State Police Princeton station. They are currently being held without bond in Southern Regional Jail.

Tricia Lee And Walter Lee
Tricia Lee And Walter Lee. (Source: 59 News)

Walter Lee and Tricia Lee are charged with kidnapping and assaulting Gerald Bennett of Beckley more than a year ago.

The pair allegedly told two of Walter Lee’s sisters that Bennett, who seemed to have special needs, was a roommate. With two black eyes and bruises, Bennett was photographed by the women after they became suspicious.

Bennett was dumped off at a hospital in McDowell County the day before Thanksgiving while wearing pants and suffering from significant wounds.

According to Walter Lee’s sister, Bennett was allegedly abused by the Lees during a video conversation. Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, State Police are not disclosing any additional information in the case.

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Gerald Bennett Net Worth 2024

Gerald seems to be a little secretive regarding his personal information, like his net worth, as the politician has not revealed anything regarding the matter.

According to All Famous Birthdays, his estimated net worth is over $5 million as of 2024. However, this information is yet to be confirmed by Gerald himself.

Even though Gerald is rich, he is never seen riding luxury cars, wearing expensive clothes, and others like other rich people.

Sadly, Gerald has no social media, so no other reliable information about his lifestyle and others was found.

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