Who Did Harvey Armstrong Cheat On Emily Blackwell With

Who Did Harvey Armstrong Cheat On Emily Blackwell With? People are curious to know about this.

Former professional American football defensive tackle Harvey Lee Armstrong spent eight seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts in the National Football League.

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His college football career was at Southern Methodist. Sidney Floyd, Armstrong’s daughter, was born (with Jennifer Floyd).

Madison J. Armstrong was his second daughter after he later wed Sharon McCarthy.

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Who Did Harvey Armstrong Cheat On Emily Blackwell With?

When Emily learned that Harvey had cheated on her with another woman and lied about it earlier this year, she ended their relationship.

Emily was stunned when she saw an incriminating photo of Harvey having his arms around an unidentified girl during season 23 of Made in Chelsea.

After Harvey attended an after-party, Ruby Adler discovered that he had been unfaithful, but Harvey swore nothing had happened.

Who Did Harvey Armstrong Cheat On Emily Blackwell With
Who Did Harvey Armstrong Cheat On Emily Blackwell With? (Source: Irish Mirror)

He said he wrapped his arm around the girl because she “was cold.”

When Emily discovered that Harvey had left co-star Tristan’s Party at 6 am but had arrived back at their shared apartment at 8 am, her suspicions increased.

Harvey ultimately admitted his error after being confronted by Emily.

After they split up, Emily told Maeva that Harvey was attempting to woo her by bringing flowers and gifts to their apartment.

Harvey afterward met up with Emily. He introduced himself and admitted that he feared seeing Emily with someone else.

Dating Life of Harvey Armstrong & Emily Blackwell

In 2020, Emily and Harvey on Made In Chelsea began dating.

However, Emily shared a home and was close friends with Harvey’s ex-girlfriend Sophie Habboo, so their romance made quite a fuss.

Then, when Harvey and Sophie reunited in Cornwall in season 19, things worsened when Harvey acknowledged that Sophie was very “touchy.”

However, the friends have patched things up, and Sophie is now engaged to podcaster Jamie Laing after he proposed in December.

During the lockdown, Emily and Harvey made the same decision as many other couples to move in together and advance their relationship.

Who Did Harvey Armstrong Cheat On Emily Blackwell With
Harvey Armstrong Cheat Emily Blackwell dated for a while. (Source: Instagram)

Emily had relocated from where she lived with Sophie and Miles into a lavish London apartment with Harvey.

Harvey once posted a tour of their apartment on Instagram while it was under lockdown.

“I figured as it’s as Sunday and we’re in lockdown, and that people have a lot of time at home they want to get their home in a certain shape, I’d share with you guys,” he wrote on his Instagram stories.

He began the tour by displaying his luxurious monochromatic bedroom.

Emily Confirms Relationship With New Boyfriend

The latest Made in Chelsea season had Emily announcing her relationship with Jordan Alexander.

The managing director of a recruitment consultancy is Jordan Alexander, and the two had been friends for a while.

Jordan and I have known one other for a good amount of time, she stated in an interview with OK! Magazine. We both hail from Surry, so I’ve kind of known him forever, but our paths never actually crossed completely until recently.

Additionally, Emily admitted that she had forgiven her ex-boyfriend Harvey.

From the sneak peek for episode 7, Emily is still upset with Miles for how he handled MAFSA star, Ella Ding.

So, as payback, Emily would arrange for Yasmine to date her ex-boyfriend Harvey.

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