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Most people are curious about Kelley Davis Husband, and her husband’s name is Wendell Johnson.

Kelley Davis is an American actress known for Kay Fannon in Season 1 of C.B.S.’ Under the Dome and Concussion (2015).

Recently, she is discovered in A Jazzman’s Blues as Helen in 2022. A Jazzman’s Blues is an American drama film written, produced, and directed by Tyler Perry.

Who Is A Jazzman’s Blues Cast Kelley Davis Husband? Family And Kids Details

Blues is married to Wendell Johnson and has a daughter named Madison. The couple has been married for an extended period.

Kelley and Wendell got married on May 14. However, the pair has not revealed wedding details and their dating life.

Moreover, her daughter is as beautiful as she is. Madison has already entered the film industry at such a young age. The parents are so proud of Madison; she always gives her best shot.

Kelley Davis
Madison (daughter) and Wendell (husband)
Source: Instagram

Kelley posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption, “Watching her come into her own as actor fills me with so much pride.”

We are yet so the young girl’s achievements as she just started her career as an actress. She will blow everyone’s mind in the future through her industry performances.

Davis is an actress living in Canton, Ga., and a proud mom to Madison. Wendell is always there to support his wife and daughter. Madison shares a special bond with her Father, Wendell.

Furthermore, Wendell and Kelley had been signed to an exclusive voice-over roaster in Virginia Beach for 14 years, but she’d recently signed with an Atlanta-based agent for film and T.V.

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Who Are Kelley Davis Parents? Ethnicity Explored

The American actress Davis has not revealed any information about her parents. However, her parents are proud of Kelley and Madison.

In Addition, the girl has posted a Video of Wendell and Madison with her grandpa singing a Christmas song and vibing with each other.

Kelley Davis
Kelley Davis safari ride with her loved ones.
Source: Instagram

Moreover, Davis belongs to the Caucasian-American ethnicity. Her parents raised her so well. Kelley is not only a beautiful and loving wife, but she is also a great mother to her child.

Similarly, she will raise her child well and love her. Madison is so grateful to have a supportive mother and Father. Also, they are the inspiration and strength of the young girl.

Likewise, we will often see the young child, Madison, in the upcoming future as she has started working in the same industry as her mother.

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Kelley Davis Net Worth And Career Details

Kelley has not revealed her networth. However, we can assume her networth is around $1 Million to $2 Million from all the movies she has done.

Similarly, the actress’s latest movie premiere was released at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 11, 2022, and is scheduled to be released on September 23, 2022, by Netflix.

Kelley Davis
Kelley Davis thanked all her well-wishers
Sources: Instagram

Likewise, she has already been in 25 movies till now. Davison was portrayed as Cori in episode 1 of Cobra Kai in 2022.
Moreover, she was cast in The Righteous Gemstones, playing the role of Ruth Gemstone in episode 1 of 2022 and Miss Abby of The Good Lord Bird in the TV Mini-Series of 2020.

Furthermore, the girl played the role of Mom in Outer Banks, which is T.V. Series in 2020. The same year, she was cast as Nurse Florance in Sistas episode 1 in 2020.

In Addition, Kelley was in a T.V. Series documentary, A Haunting and Under the Dome. Apart from this, the actor played the role of Ms. Gredenko in Samaritan and F.B.I. Agent in The F.B.I. Files.

However, after playing many roles, it is reasonable to earn a fortune. Besides, Davis has not shared her earnings,s, so she may have more gains than we assumed.

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