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Angela Rippon Ex-Husband, Christopher Dare, was an engineer. Rippon is a television Journalist, newsreader, writer, and presenter from England.

Angela was the first female Journalist to permanently provide news on BBC national television.

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She followed Barbara Mandell on Independent Television News (ITN) in 1955 as the second female news presenter on British television.

Before becoming a regular presenter on BBC One‘s Nine O’Clock News in 1975, Rippon worked in radio and television news in the South West of England.

After reporting on radio and television for news in the South West of England, she often hosted the Nine O’Clock News on BBC One.

Who Is Angela Rippon’s Ex-Husband Christopher Dare? Has She Married Again? 

Engineer Christopher Dare was the ex-husband of Angela Rippon.

The Television Journalist married Dare in 1967, but their union disintegrated into divorce in 1989. She did not get remarried.

Angela Rippon Ex-Husband Christopher Dare
Angela Rippon with her ex-husband, Christopher Dare.
Source: Irish Mirror

After their divorce, they concealed that element of their connection, though. Christopher Rippon is an engineer from the UK.

He has a degree in engineering, but we don’t know what area of field he works in.

They were on their own after divorcing in 1989, and little is known about Christopher Dare’s personal or private life.

On the other hand, his ex-wife’s profile is referenced in the Wikipedia entry.

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Does CBE Journalist Have Kids?

The writer has no children. She is, nevertheless, spotted participating in the Dementia Awareness Program with local schoolchildren.

Angela is the Dementia 4 Schools Project Chair and an ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Angela Rippon visits Museum of Liverpool inspires children to share recollections with their grandparents.
Source: Liverpool News

At the Museum of Liverpool, the television host started an encouraging program for kids to talk about their memories with their grandparents.

The House of Memories dementia awareness program created “When I was Little” at the museum, which is intended for kids between the ages of three and seven.

Children who visit the museum can borrow a backpack filled with activities to guide their relatives around the exhibits, inspiring them to remember and discuss their childhood memories.

Angela met elementary school kids working with the museum to produce the project while she was there.

The newsreader stated: “We must actively involve young people in the crucial work being done across the nation to raise a dementia-friendly generation.”

 She added, “When I was Little” helps children and their grandparents to have fun together and recognize that saving and sharing memories between generations is more important than ever.”

“When I Was Little” is the ideal technique to instill in young children the importance of sharing memories and reflecting on the past.

Net Worth: Angela Rippon Is A Millionaire

Angela has an estimated net worth of $10 Million. She earned money through her career as a Journalist, news reader, presenter, and writer.

When she was approached by Eamonn Andrews in 1981 while signing copies of her freshly published book in a shop at the Brent Cross Shopping Centre, she became the focus of the television documentary This Is Your Life.

Photograph of Angela Rippon before broadcasting news on BBC.
Source: My London News

In the 2004 Birthday Honours, Rippon received the title of Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE).

Plymouth University also conferred an honorary doctorate of arts on Rippon in 2012.

As the development lead for Dementia Friendly Communities, she was designated Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2017 New Year’s Honours for services to dementia care.

Rippon created a “Victoria Plum”-themed children’s book series in the early 1980s, which Purnell and Sons distributed.

She wrote a book about the then-husband of Princess Royal, Mark Phillips, and His Horses in 1982.

Since then, Rippon has authored keep-fit books for seniors, such as Stay Active, Stay Supple, and Stay Healthy.

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