Anthony McRae Father

Anthony McRae Father, Michael McRae, said he was a mama’s boy. The shooter became bitter and evil after losing his mother, Linda McRae, in September 2020 from a stroke.

Anthony McRae is the gunman of the Michigan State University mass shooting. He killed three young students of MSU and injured five others.

McRae later passed away from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Authorities found a weapon, but they were unsure if it had been used in the shooting.

In addition, the motive of the shooter remains unknown. Anthony was neither a staff member nor a student at the University and had no connection to it.

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Anthony McRae Father, Michael McRae: “He Turned Mean And Evil After His Mother Died”

Anthony McRae was born in Bear, Delaware, on 10 June 1979 to Michael and Linda McRae. He was one of three children of his parents. The Lansing resident grew up in Trenton, New Jersey and moved to Michigan in 2003.

According to his Father, Michael McRae, 43, he was close to his mother, Linda. The late shooter had a hard time coping with the death of his mother. Linda McRae died on 13 September 2020 from a stroke.

Anthony McRae Father
Brian Fraser, Alexandria Verner, and Arielle Anderson died in the MSU mass shooting. (Image Source: WXYZ)

Anthony’s attitude on life “shifted” after he lost his mom. “He was a mama’s boy. He adored his mother. They had a tight-knitted bond. His mother was like his sister, ” stated Michael McRae.

After the sudden passing, Anthony reportedly quit his job at a warehouse and stayed in his room all day playing video games.

“He was mourning his mother. He was unable to let it go. He became increasingly bitter,” Michael McRae said. As time passed, he became mean and evil and no longer gave a damn about anything his Father added.

It was not that the elder McRae didn’t try to help his son. Michael encouraged Anthony to talk to seek counseling and attend church with him. But the MSU suspected gunman declined his help, saying, “I am OK, dad. I don’t need help.”

Michael McRae claimed not to know why his son targeted the University. But he thought he might have been attempting to apply for a job there.

MSU Shooter Anthony McRae Wife And Kids

The MSU mass shooting suspect, Anthony McRae, doesn’t appear married. He lived with his Father in Lasing, Michigan.

There has been no mention of this wife and kids. It is likely due to he didn’t have one.

Anthony McRae Father
Anthony McRae’s motive behind the massacre is still unknown. (Image Source: New York Post)

Was the Michigan State University suspected shooter married? Did he have children? Well, the answer remains a mystery.

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Anthony McRae Previous Arrest

Anthony McRae’s most serious offense before the mass shooting on Monday night was in June 2019. A Lansing Police officer found him smoking a cigarette while sitting on the rear steps of a building.

When one of the officers approached and questioned whether he got any weapon on him or anything like that, he admitted to being armed. According to the court documents, officers discovered a Ruger LCP.380 semi-automatic weapon in his pants pocket.

Anthony was initially accused of carrying a concealed firearm. It is a crime that carries a possible five-year prison sentence.

He was also accused of having a loaded gun in or near a moving car, a misdemeanor punishable by up to two years in jail. Anthony McRae was given probation after entering a guilty plea to the misdemeanor. In May 2021, the authority released him.

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